Birthdays are important milestones that need to be celebrated, especially for people we care about. Adding a personalised birthday message to a birthday card for someone can make them feel special and bring them genuine joy.

However, writing the perfect birthday card may not come easy for all of us. If you feel you cannot fit all you wish to say into the small space on a card, you’re not alone. However, don’t drop it altogether because you’re not good at it. Regardless of whether your card is bought or homemade, adding the right words makes a lot of difference.

Before you get to writing, check out these ten tips in writing better, more personal messages on birthday cards:


1.    Keep It Short and Simple

The primary purpose of a birthday card is to express your love and affection for the recipient. While you may have a lot to say, don’t feel like you have to cram it all into a few words. Keep the personal birthday message short and straightforward. Two or three lines of birthday wishes will do just fine.


2.    Make It Heartfelt

Birthdays are the perfect time to tell the recipient how much you love them and appreciate them. Convey how they mean to you and how much you treasure that relationship. Be specific about why you love them, how much you admire them and how their presence makes your life better.


3.    Focus On One Special Memory

Birthdays are a wonderful reminder of all the good times you’ve had together with the person. If you have lots of memorable moments to choose from, pick the most special one. Write about how the two of you felt and at the time and how you’re feeling right now.


4.    Empathise with Your Loved One

Share your thoughts with your friend or family member when they are going through difficult times like the demise of a loved one, a health condition, or a life change. Encourage them to get support, too, if they need it.


5.    Write It by Hand

There’s something personal and heartfelt about an actual, physical letter on paper. It is ideal if you manage to write your birthday message on the card by hand, just for them. If you’re uncomfortable writing it by hand, you can type a message in a letter and write it on the card.


6.    Be Specific about What Makes Them Special

Many people think that if they tell someone they’re special, it gets old. This is not true because it is a simple and genuine message that will stay a classic. Don’t just tell them they are special and they’re loved, but be specific about what makes them so and what you love about them.


7.    Share Words of Encouragement

Birthdays can be a milestone for people. Make them feel good about themselves by writing words of encouragement. Let them know that you’re there for them, no matter what.


8.    Include a Thoughtful Gift

You need to go beyond just giving your friend or family member a birthday message. You have to provide them with an actual birthday card to go along with your message. Whether in cash or in-kind, an actual present will also make your loved one feel more special and loved.


9.    Always Sign Off with Lots of Love

Ending your message by signing off with lots of love is the way to go. Don’t just sign off with just love, but also with your name. This is an opportunity to tell them who the message is from.


10. Send Your Message Early

For your message to reach the recipient early, sending it out early is a must. Give it a few days before the actual birthday so it will arrive on time. If you can’t send it out early enough, have it sent out by express mail.



Sending a birthday card means you care about someone. And if you want to show that you care about them, there is no better way to show it than with a thoughtful birthday message. Make sure that you consider the tips above and follow them when you write your next birthday message.

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