The solution to the cloud that has been hovering over someone’s head is simple yet often missed—laughing it off. Laughter has been shown time and time again to be good for your health and well-being. Put science to the test and provide a helping hand to a buddy by sending them some amusing messages to brighten their day. Here are fun ways to cheer someone up.


  1. Send Them Hilarious Videos Using Instagram

Instagram is unquestionably the go-to place for all kinds of entertainment, particularly for amusing videos that may make people chuckle. Simply go to “Explore” and look for a hilarious hashtag; you’ll discover a lot of videos in that place.


  1. Send Some Inside Jokes to Your Friend

Friends always have inner jokes that they share with each other. Take it from the shelf and utilise it to make your friend’s day more enjoyable.


  1. Send Them a Nice Meme

Good buddies are always willing to share amusing memes. Find a funny and acceptable meme to send to your friends. Incredibly easy to make someone laugh, isn’t it?


  1. Snap a Silly and Hilarious Selfie

Other people find it humorous when you make yourself seem amusing. Perhaps you could put on some bizarre make-up or dramatic, goofy hairstyles and then take a selfie. It’ll catch them off guard and almost certainly cause them to collapse in laughter.


  1. Send YouTube Videos of Stand-up Comedy

There are a variety of stand-up comedy videos available on YouTube. Find one that makes you chuckle and promote it to your friends and family members.


  1. Share Some of Your Embarrassing Moments

Tell them about one of your embarrassing moments. Having a good laugh at your own expense might help someone else relax as well.


  1. Suggest a Funny Account in Social Media That They Can Explore

Aren’t videos and memes sufficient? Provide them with a humorous account so that they may explore it on their own if they want the entire bundle.


  1. Flirt in a Playful Manner

A flirtation between friends will not be regarded seriously, and it will even be considered humorous by the other party. Always remember to take into consideration the mood. If they’re too depressed, don’t go through with it.


  1. Recount a Funny Story That You Both Share

Remember anything amusing you and your friends got up to together? Make use of it to remind them of the good old days.


  1. Make Fun of Yourself and See If It Works

Everyone has done this before, and it helps individuals realise that they are not alone in their sorrow. If you search for the self-deprecating comedy hashtag on Instagram, you’ll come across a lot of examples.


  1. Make a List of Pranks to Play

Pranks usually manage to make at least one person smirk and laugh. Plan a prank on your buddies, such as a pizza call or a joke on your colleagues.


  1. Ask About Their Well-Being

Asking them how they are honestly doing might be all that is required in certain situations.


  1. Send a Recording of Yourself Doing a Funny Voice

Some quick and simple methods to make someone laugh include impersonations and off-key singing, which are both short and simple.



Sending a funny message to a buddy is a great approach to lift their spirits. It serves as a gentle reminder that not everything in life has to be taken seriously. In certain situations, it’s preferable to laugh at the issue rather than try to fix it.

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