While old-school, a greeting card is still one of the best gifts you can give to anyone for almost any occasion, from birthdays to Christmas parties. That is because the gesture of sending a greeting card comes with a sense of love and care that the recipient can feel the moment they read what’s inside.

That said, not all greeting cards are the same, and some will do a much better job of leaving a good impression than others. If you are curious as to how you can create an exceptional greeting card, here are the qualities that will impress anyone lucky enough to receive one:


  1. It steals attention

Remember, first impressions are everything, and this applies to the cards you give to your friends and family.

With that in mind, when you make a card, ensure that it has the “wow” factor right from the get-go. This can be done by either creating your cards and designing them in the most creative way possible or purchasing a card that quickly took your attention, as this will most likely do the same to your recipient. Not only that, but it will also keep them focused on the message and make it more memorable.

If you are wondering what kind of cards can steal people’s attention, consider popup cards. The “pop” feature will surely surprise them. If you can find cards that removable popups, then the recipient can take them out and place them on a shelf as a reminder of that wonderful moment when they first opened it.


  1. It is hand-written

Not everyone has the gift of writing messages that can stir the imagination and spark people’s emotions. Fortunately for you, a great greeting card does not necessarily need any of that. What it does require, however, is that you write the message by hand.

Whatever it is you want to express, whether it be “Congratulations on your graduation!” or “I love you,” the fact that you took the time to personalize your message makes it much more meaningful. It lets the other person know that you value them enough to make the extra effort.

In other words, a blank greeting card is a perfect courier when sharing what you have to say to someone. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing premade cards that already have messages printed on them, nothing beats a hand-written note.

That said, there are plenty of online tools that can help you write more thoughtful messages if you wish, allowing you to evoke an even stronger emotional response.



While many other factors play a role in creating an exceptional greeting card, don’t forget the two mentioned above as they will never go out style.

By offering a card that steals a person’s attention right away and offers a beautiful, hand-written message, you can leave a lasting impression on the other person’s mind. Not only will they be eternally grateful for the beautiful card you have given them, but they will know that you genuinely care for them.

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