In a digital era where anything can be done more conveniently through smartphones, laptops, and social media, it seems like ease-of-use is the norm in most parts of human life today.

From staying updated to the latest developments in the stock market and handling various tasks for work or school-related responsibilities, the ways that technology continues to enrich life is nearly endless. While it may be clear that digital means are guaranteed to help with handling many different tasks, there’s one part of human living where traditional methods are still preferred: Greeting on special occasions.


How technological means fall short on making meaningful greetings

Ever since the rise of technology, you may have grown familiar with how common it is for most people today to greet their friends and family on social media.

For many Brits, in particular, greeting even the most special of friends and family members online has become especially commonplace because of how smartphone-dependent the population is. Greeting people on birthdays, New Year’s Celebrations, anniversaries, and other special occasions have become so streamlined for most people that even simple “HBD,” “HNY,” and “Happy Anniversary!” messages are now the standard.

Yes, it may be a far more convenient and easy-to-reach approach when it comes to sending out a message. Yet, it falls short when it comes to being meaningful, which is why greeting cards remain superior.


A few reasons greeting cards remain superior

Even though they are far from digital mediums, greeting cards continue to remain as relevant as ever amid continuous technological evolution because of how they stand out from standard traditional greetings. As opposed to more modern forms of greetings, here are two reasons these printed pieces of heartfelt, hand-made messages still remain relevant:


  1. They can show that you care enough to make a unique greeting

When it comes to making sure that a recipient feels special, nothing says “Hey, I care about you” than a hand-picked and handwritten greeting card.

You see, these cards continue to remain as distinctive as ever in the eyes of Brits because they’re tangible testaments to a sender’s dedication to making someone feel special during any occasion. With the help of a well-picked and made card, you’ll be able to make your message much sweeter because a card shows that you took time to pick a card and write a well-thought letter on it, making it far more superior than digital means!


  1. They will have a lasting message on your recipient to remember you by

Regardless of how big, small, thick, thin or detailed your card may be, it will remain superior over any unoriginal birthday greeting because it gives a lasting message to the recipient.

Seeing that a card is a unique gift that directly shows how much any sender cares about a person, people who receive them are bound to keep these pieces of decorative paper on their desks, fridges, or cork boards. If you want a greeting that will only leave a good, lasting impression on someone you genuinely care about, then a card is the way to go!


Although it may seem like an online message is a convenient way to show someone you care, it will never be as meaningful or impactful as a greeting card. With the help of this seemingly-simple greeting tool, you’ll be able to convince any recipient of how special they are while using a unique approach towards celebrating any occasion!

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