There is a saying, “life without friendship is like the sky without the sun.” Imagine how dark and dull life would be if friendship does not exist in this world.

A true friend is there for you in times of need. When you are feeling down, going through a tough time, or in need of support, your friends will be there to pick you up and be by your side throughout the hardship.

Once you’ve decided to make your relationship a lifetime commitment, the next step is announcing and celebrating the news with your friends and family. It’s time for an engagement party!

An engagement party is a traditional gathering to celebrate a couple’s recent engagement. At this point, the friends and families of the couples get together and grow acquainted with each other in advance. Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party, but in modern times, the couple typically hosts their own celebration. The engagement party is best held before major wedding preparations begin, which is typically about six months before the big day.

Watching someone go through a divorce can be as horrible as going through it yourself. Seeing someone close to you suffer will sometimes automatically set off your protective instinct, which is not ideal given that it’s not your fight. It will be exhausting to include yourself in the battle that your friend or sibling or child is facing. Suddenly the other party’s infidelity or discretion offends you. Suddenly the other party is your enemy. It’s normal to be angry at the offending party, but that shouldn’t necessarily be the case.