Greeting cards are the quintessential way to mark the arrival or celebrate a holiday, such as Christmas. However, there are certain holidays out there where a greeting card seems like it would be the perfect gift to give to someone but is unfortunately forgotten. That holiday includes New Year’s Day.

With the new year right around the corner, this is your chance to put those cards into use finally. Rather than calling up people or sending them instant messages to greet them a happy new year, send them a celebratory card. In fact, why not take it up a notch and design your tags. A celebratory postcard is not only much more customisation, but it will also stand a better chance at being read at least once before being put to the side.

Sending GIFS of holiday greetings became the de facto means of spreading holiday cheers with friends and family. While it isn’t a wrong way to celebrate the season, you can spruce up your simple gift by sticking to tradition: holiday cards!

Seeing as it the most wonderful time of the year is just a few months away, you can turn weariness into merriness with a dash of Christmas cards to put a smile on your friends, co-workers, and family’s faces. To maximise the enjoyment of receiving and giving these holiday cards, we’ve come up with creative ways to display it around your house to add to your holiday decorations.

It’s easy to accumulate a ton of greeting cards during Christmas over the course of many years. Whether they came with gifts or they were standalone notes, you often have no idea what to do with them afterwards. You may feel the need to throw them away because they only take up most of your storage spaces. However, instead of discarding them, here are five ways to reuse greeting cards as decorations.

Handmade Christmas cards are among the most personalised, heartfelt, and creative items that you could give somebody during this special season. Whether you are making cards to sell or to give to your family members and friends, don’t take for granted the space on the back of the card.

Here are some ideas for decorating the back of your handmade Christmas card and making it fit for the festive season!