When the season of love comes knowing on everyone’s doorsteps on February, friends, families, and couples find unique ways to showcase their appreciation for each other. In spite of living in a dominantly paperless world, greeting cards remain a perennial favourite as it is a simple yet effective way of showing your effort.

Greeting cards also capture one’s affection, one that encourages intimacy as it is a physical token that requires people to deliver it by hand instead of a click of a button. If you look at the numbers for the top gifts for lovers, 51% of people buy greeting cards for Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever made cutouts and folds on pieces of paper to make it pop up? The same can be applied to your photos! After all, when you take a picture, you take something three-dimensional and squeezing it onto a two-dimensional space. When you create a pop-up photo, you’re bringing it back to three-dimensions.

Of course, we’re exaggerating, but pop-up photos are awesome to look at, not to mention fun to make. Just keep in mind that it might not turn out nice on your first go, or maybe even after your third. However, you’ll get better after each try, and after many attempts, you’ll get the hang of it.

With that said, here’s how you can create singular and multiple image pop-up cards:

It’s a special kind of feeling to know that someone handpicks the right cards that fit our personality perfectly. It also shows what type of relationship we have with them.

In the past decade, however, technology has changed the way people live. Because of easier access to technology through social media, people quickly take for granted the importance of communication. More people resort to posting on blogs or social media posts to let others know how important they are to them. However, we can’t keep these posts with us physically. This is why it’s still a different satisfaction to be able to receive a card.

Although these three simple words – I love you – hold much meaning, yet we sometimes have trouble expressing such emotions. Such expressions should be something that you tell your partner every day, your parents, your best friend, your siblings, or your children. It may come to no surprise that there are many ways to express your love – whether in writing, a phone call, time spent together, or through a card. However, the perfect “I love you” messages are the ones that sincerely come straight from the heart.