Momentous occasions can rob us of the right words; we sometimes don’t know what to write, for example, in a wedding card, or a thank you card. If you’re a witty person, you fall back on humour, an effective strategy for maintaining relationships. Everyone likes to laugh, and everyone likes the guy that makes them laugh. If you need ideas on what to write so you can brighten someone’s day, we have some things to kick-start your brain and get you in the right ribbing mood.

Everyone likes receiving gifts on their special day. Cards are particularly nice to receive, especially when you get a message that is clearly just for you. Sometimes, your friend will surprise you with a funny card and a cute message.

When your friendship with someone deepens, a certain type of humour is sure to come out. And wouldn’t you appreciate a person who can let their guard down with you? Making bawdy jokes with a friend is a way of cementing your closeness, and our greeting cards present tons of opportunities for you to do that.

Love is in the air during Valentine’s Day. With so many inspiring gestures about love during this annual festivity, sometimes, you just need to write a card to show someone that you care. It’s a day where people want to feel their connection with a special someone, whether it’s a lover, friend, or family. Many people love to send and receive cards during Valentine’s Day, which is a classic way to show someone that you think about them.

Even as a child in school, we’re taught about the importance of sending cards on Valentine’s Day. It has become a tradition that most people do, and you might wonder how it all started. To help enlighten you, we’re giving you the details on how exchanging cards on Valentine’s Day started.