In today’s technological age, it can be easy to think that traditional forms of communication are no longer applicable. Yet, this notion often far from the truth, especially in the case of funny greeting cards.

How funny greeting cards are still relevant in today’s digital age

Sure, today’s humour may be easily be summarised in the ever-growing power of memes and shareable content. Nevertheless, they still hold a certain unprecedented level of charm that is absolutely unlike any other.

In life, you’re likely to encounter considerate people who appreciate the little things. Oftentimes, such people will invite you to a party and will specifically ask their guests not to bring any gifts. To them, the presence of their guests is more important than receiving tangible things.

This could put you in a tight spot if you don’t exactly know what to do. Is it okay to come to the party empty-handed or do you insist on bringing something? In any form of social gatherings, you want to be in your best behaviour.

Having said that, here are some things you could do to show politeness at a “No Gifts Please” party:

Of everything that life has to offer, perhaps the best one could ever have is a loving, caring mother. That said, whether Mother’s Day is coming up or you simply want to thank her for all she has done for you, writing a sweet thank-you card can be a great way to let her know that you appreciate all of that.

Don’t know what sweet thing to write or say to your mother? Here are a few ideas just for you:

While writing a goodbye card can get you feeling a little blue, it is the best time to be funny! It is okay to be solemn, but when you say goodbye to your friend, coworker, or anyone else in a joking manner, it’ll make the entire experience much more bearable as well as help them remember you!

That said, if you’re struggling to figure out what sort of funny things you can write into your goodbye card, here are a few ideas: