If you love sending out greeting cards for just about any occasion, chances are you have amassed quite a collection of cards at your disposal. This makes sense, given that buying cards for different occasions in advance saves you additional trips to the store. It may even help you in the off chance that you forget an occasion and need to come up with a thoughtful last-minute gift!

The trouble with collecting anything, especially physical greeting cards, can be in keeping them organised. Depending on how long you’ve been into sending out funny mother’s day cards or rude Christmas cards, you may have trouble remembering which occasions you already have in store. The solution to this lies in keeping your greeting cards organised and ready to go.

Here are five tips for keeping your greeting cards sorted out.

In a digital era where anything can be done more conveniently through smartphones, laptops, and social media, it seems like ease-of-use is the norm in most parts of human life today.

From staying updated to the latest developments in the stock market and handling various tasks for work or school-related responsibilities, the ways that technology continues to enrich life is nearly endless. While it may be clear that digital means are guaranteed to help with handling many different tasks, there’s one part of human living where traditional methods are still preferred: Greeting on special occasions.

Looking for the perfect greeting card can be tough. You’re probably tired of the generic, heartfelt greeting cards that don’t quite convery the unique or hilarious relationship you have with the recipient. Whether it’s congratulating your mate on a new job or sending out holiday greetings, you want your card to stand out—and what better way than to design one yourself?

Sending off a personalised greeting card will definitely create a bigger impact on your recipient. You’ll have the opportunity to let your creativity take over and include inside jokes, wicked wordsmithing, and even memes in your cards that will definitely be more representative of your relationship than a generic card would! Here are some tips to help you get started:

Being in a mature relationship can make it harder to plan anniversary celebrations. Now that you and your partner are busy with other responsibilities, such as paying a mortgage or dealing with overtime at work, preparing for special occasions can be quite challenging. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re no longer capable of spicing up your anniversary date.


Celebrating the special day with your partner

Boredom and routine are two factors that you should avoid in a relationship. You should always look forward to new experiences to create more memorable moments together instead of relying on all the years you’ve spent together to keep your bonds healthy. It’s essential to celebrate the significant milestones in a relationship, and your anniversary is a great time to reminisce and show your gratitude to your special someone.

Aside from writing a heartfelt love card for your partner, you can celebrate your special day in unique ways. Here are some ideas you can do:

Getting engaged and saying yes to a new chapter in your life is a moment worth celebrating with friends and family. Seeing your closest pals putting a ring on it can be heart-warming and calls for a party worth remembering, which is why planning for a bachelor or bachelorette party is an age-old tradition that won’t die down anytime soon.

Engagement parties are a must for every couple, and while pre-planning some activities is a helpful way to show your love and support for your friends, adding engagement cards in the mix can take it to the next level. While the act of giving greeting cards seems subdued, it can express your excitement and happiness in not-so-subtle ways.

Whether it’s a quirky way to send your congratulations to heartfelt, handmade messages, there’s nothing more personal than offering a card to send your well-wishes in this turn of a new leaf. With that in mind, here are the perfect pairings you can add to spice up your engagement card delivery to the lovely couple:

Birthday parties are fun to plan, but have you ever tried to plan a funny surprise birthday party for a loved one? The planning process is much fun in itself, yet it will undoubtedly take lots of work to put it off successfully! Don’t worry, as all you need is a few ideas and people to help you make it work.

When it comes to funny surprise birthday ideas, you can either pull a prank or make the person do something silly. Just make sure that the celebrant has a good sense of humour, or they might misunderstand your innocent intentions.

In this article, we will share four funny surprise birthday ideas that will give everybody some good laughs:

One of the most important milestones in adult life is retirement. It can be a daunting step in any adult’s journey, often treated like a rebirth into a new world. And while the colleague you know who’s finally retiring will surely be missed in the workplace, it would make them feel immensely more confident if you gave them a retirement present.

Retirement allows a person time to do more of what they want, in addition to spending more time with their loved ones, so keep this in mind when you think of sending that funny greeting card to send them on their way.

For the rest of this article, we are going to talk about a few wonderful presents to go with hilarious greeting cards for someone who’s about to retire. Read on for this information.

When you are someone’s guest at their party or a person goes out of their way for you, saying thank you should be an automatic reaction. Unfortunately, many people forget to send messages of gratitude and show their appreciation, even to their closest friends.

Some people are naturally articulate when it comes to expressing their thankfulness, while others struggle with finding the right words. Even if they do treasure someone’s generosity or appreciate a kind gesture, some cannot find the means to express how they feel.

If you do find it difficult to tell another person how grateful you are, writing it down in a heartfelt note or sending a lighthearted greeting card can be just as effective. If you find your vocabulary is limited and you have trouble deciding what to say, here are several messages you might want to try in:

Significant events in your life, such as an upcoming wedding, a baby shower, or graduation often come with parties that involve people you are close to. At these events, it’s essential to be with the guests and express your gratitude for them being there, and sending cards within three months after the event is a great way to extend your appreciation fully. On the other hand, if you will be sending cards for gifts that were given during these events, the cards should be sent within three weeks.

Despite enjoying the thought of those happy moments, unfortunate events are still inevitable, such as a death or illness of a loved one. During these difficult periods, people you’re close to would let you know that they’re thinking of you and that they’re there for you. However, it’s also understandable that while you’re at the thick of things, you may not be in the mood to write out thank you cards or even acknowledge their kind thoughts.

Now that emails and text messaging are the preferred medium of “written” correspondence, it can be tempting to think that sending out greeting cards have fallen out of fashion. On the contrary, physical cards of all kinds have become even more special because of the time and effort that it takes to create and send. This is especially true if you’re sending out handwritten love cards to your significant other or carefully designed Christmas cards for your family.

If you’re still undecided on whether physical notes are worth it, here are four reasons why your loved ones will appreciate receiving a physical greeting card.