Leaving a place of work can be a sad occasion. It can be sad for you, your colleagues, and the job itself. However, as with all things, jobs occasionally come to an end. Whether you’ve found gainful employment elsewhere, been sacked, or laid off in some way, there are ways to make your last day of work memorable and light-hearted.

Before you turn in your badge, g-string, and bowtie, there are definitely a few things you could do to make your exit memorable. After all, the friends (or enemies) you’ve made at this job will likely feel a thing or two about your departure. So why not capitalise on that with a few parting gestures?

In your marketing efforts, you need to be creative and use all the available resources to spread the word about your brand. Even with the rise of digital marketing, there is still a need for physical promotional products, such as flyers, posters, business cards, and promotional badges.

Promotional button badges are often deemed to be more practical because of these six benefits:

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. You want to show your appreciation to as many colleagues, friends, and family members as possible, but it can be very challenging to find meaningful gifts that won’t wipe out your year-end bonus. What complicates the search is the fact that you don’t want to give gifts for the sake of the occasion, but rather you want the item to be something they will appreciate.

If you think about the presents you receive each year, the most memorable ones aren’t the most expensive or elaborate. Instead, the ones that stand out are the simple items that the sender put a little more thought and effort into. When you want to be practical but sentimental at the same time, a coffee mug ticks all the right boxes.

This upcoming holiday season, if you want to give out more than just funny Christmas cards, gift your loved ones with a coffee mug instead. With a mug, you won’t have to worry if the size fits the recipient. It’s a non-perishable gift unlike chocolates or candy, so you can give it as early as you like or wait till the last possible minute.

If you want to avoid the hassle of going from store to store picking out a unique gift for each person, here are several reasons why coffee mugs are the better choice:

In this digital age, sending greeting cards for special occasions and writing handwritten letters to express love, care, and appreciation are now becoming a lost art and tradition. Emails, phone and video calls, and instant messaging took over, and while these technologically advanced communication methods are convenient, they hardly create an expected emotional response.

Whether you are planning to send well-wishes to your friend or congratulate a family member for landing their dream job, sending them a greeting card with your heartwarming message is a sure way to put a smile on their face. If you have never tried sending greeting cards, here are some of the reasons why you should try it:

Although small but mighty, compact mirrors are an essential item that hygienic and handy people should have on them at all times. These tiny items can be slipped into any bag or shirt pocket, making them one of the most portable essentials all around. You can even keep smaller items in there, like your vitamins, which practically doubles their usefulness!

Whether you want to check on your makeup or just want to make sure your teeth are free from the lunch you just ate, these are handy items that you can take anywhere with you. It’s not just for the makeup obsessed—if you get a little creative, you’ll find plenty of uses for it. Here are four of them:

This year’s Christmas season will look very different from previous years. As the world continues to battle a pandemic, people will be limiting their gatherings and cancelling their annual travel plans to visit relatives and friends. The festive season will undoubtedly be underscored by a grim reality that not all of us will have a reason to celebrate.

Despite these challenging times, it is still possible to continue some traditions and perhaps start new ones. In any year, we would be greeting one via text messages or casual social media posts. We probably hardly put thought into how and when we greeted our friends and loved ones because seeing them in person over the holidays was always a possibility.

Now that we know how precious time together can be, this year might be the perfect reason to send out specialised greeting cards to the people in our lives. A greeting card is a tangible, thoughtful gift that can help bridge our socially-distanced gaps this Christmas season. Here are the five people you might want to show your love and appreciation to this year by way of a Christmas card:

Birthday celebrations can be a sweet reminder of someone reminding them of their numerous achievements in life. However, the piles of heartfelt messages can become tiresome to receive and write to everyone. Why not think outside the box and surprise something with a short, smart, and humorous greeting instead?


The art of humorous birthday greetings

Sending birthday cards is a staple to any birthday celebrant, whether it’s your family relative or your officemate. This is why you should make an excellent impression on your message, especially if you forgot to buy them a present. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with a funny bone that helps us tell jokes almost as easily as we breathe.

If you openly acknowledge your lack of humour, we’re here to help. Here are fifteen one-liners you can use to greet your favourite person on their birthday and make them question whether you actually wrote the message:

Christmas is the season of the year that you and your colleagues are probably looking forward to. It’s finally time not only to take a much-needed break but also to dress down and toast to a year of hard work. You and your team may have spent the better part of the previous months knocking out reports, managing clients, and trying to beat your sales targets. The upcoming holidays are the perfect opportunity to let loose and celebrate.

While everyone may be ready to party, not everyone enjoys the task of planning the office Christmas party. If you were tagged to come up with fun and festive ideas for this year’s celebration, here are some that you might want to consider:

How to Curate the Best Divorce Package – Our Guide

Some life events call for commemoration—a divorce indeed isn’t one of them. Navigating a divorce with a friend is challenging when you live apart. Often, “I wish there were something I could do,” and “Please let me know if you need anything,” aren’t quite enough to mitigate a devastating situation—so how do you offer support? Designating yourself as the Emotional Support Friend is a monumental task, simplified with the following tips.

During this pandemic, everyone is required to self-isolate and practice social distancing. Many people are trying to recover from the disease and other health conditions on their own. However, some people are facing challenges that compromise their emotional and mental well-being during this trying time.

During this pandemic, the silver lining is that people are starting to be more creative about how they could reach out to their loved ones and make them laugh. Some people are even sending rude get well cards to friends to help make them laugh.

When you focus on laughter and joy, it helps you cope when you’re stuck in the middle of a crisis. The thing about laughter is that it is contagious. When one person laughs, everybody else in the room laughs with them. If you’re thinking of ways to send your loved one a gift during this time, why not send them a gift of laughter? Here are three great ways to send a bit of funny to your loved ones: