You’ve seen greeting cards everywhere, but you’re probably wondering how it started in the first place. Although letter writing was the primary means of communication before the arrival of the telephone, email, and instant messaging, sending cards with fun designs and a brief message may not seem to be a person’s priority.

Still, it pays to know the history behind traditions and customs, as it gives an exciting insight into the practices that we continue even centuries after they were first created. It also gives you a fun fact to use as an icebreaker when you meet someone, and you don’t want things to get awkward. That’s the point of learning trivia, right?

Here’s how greeting cards started and why the tradition of sending them out endures today:

February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day is when greeting cards, flowers, and chocolates are exchanged left, right, and centre with loved ones. Children at school usually have fun card making activities that they can exchange with their classmates or give to their family members. However, with all the festivities, there are still people who are unaware of how Valentine traditions started.


Valentine Traditions: Why Do We Give Valentine’s cards?

There are many speculations about how Valentine traditions started. Here are the most common stories of the beginnings of valentine’s Day. You may be surprised about how some of the modern-day traditions still have traces of these stories in them today.

How Much Can a Valentine’s Card Reveal About You?

It’s no use pretending that Valentine’s Day is a holiday worth celebrating—unless of course you’ve found your partner and are blissfully in love. In terms of holiday rankings, it falls near the bottom, really. While it might seem counterintuitive, joining in and creating a Valentine’s Day card for the hell of it might just get the bitter singletons out of their funk.

Many will agree that people have lost some of the best things about our culture with the advancement of technology. Emails, texts, IMs, and video calls have replaced letter-writing. Emojis and stickers are also slowly taking over and taking the place of our beloved greeting cards. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can breathe back life into greeting cards by sending one for every occasion, even the most unexpected ones!

Nowadays, people usually dread getting mail because it involves sifting through piles of bills, brochures, catalogues, and other random flyers. Once in a blue moon, you will chance upon a greeting card in your mail that’s sent in by your loved one that you may not have been able to talk to in a while.

Receiving a card, mostly when you least expect to get one, can always turn someone’s day around because surprises and touching moments as those rarely happen. If you’re thinking of sending your best friend a card to brighten their day, then don’t wait for their birthday to do it!

The age of emails and instant messaging has allowed people to be more connected, and yet ever so distant. Nothing quite compares to the notion of receiving a handwritten letter, especially from friends and family. There’s a specific warmth and connection that cannot be replicated digitally, especially since you’re well aware that they took the time to write and think about their message, copied onto a carefully selected card.

As everybody’s favourite holiday rolls around, generic red-and-pink, heart-decorated cards will fill the shelves and displays of shops to proclaim “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Some critics may ask if such a thing truly exists. Valentine’s Day seems like a load of hogwash meant to make singles feel out of place, only there to take advantage of the capitalist agenda of making more money off chocolates and flowers.

While valid—and definitely applicable to other holidays too, mind you—there are ways to make Valentine’s Day truly memorable in a non-traditional sense! The way to your partner’s heart shouldn’t be through a mass-produced card with no personality. Writing them a funny card they’ll surely remember can add something truly special to this over-commercialised holiday.

The best way to show someone you’re thinking of them is by sending them a greeting card. Greeting cards are one of the most simple yet meaningful gifts that anyone would love to receive. No matter the occasion, may it be a wedding, Valentine’s Day or a huge milestone, a greeting card is a no-brainer gift idea you do.

However, some people overthink this gesture because they’re unsure of when the right time is to send one. For example, if someone close to you recently announced their pregnancy, a congratulations card is great to give, but when do you send it? Do you send it while the bun is still in the oven or do you wait and send a “Congratulations on your new baby!” card?

For those who are confused about the timing and when to send greeting cards, we’ve created a guide just for you. This guide will help you with your greeting card concerns. Get your pen ready, and let’s get to it!