One of the best parts of pregnancy is the baby shower. There’s nothing more fun than having a party that places you and your baby at the centre of attention, and everyone in attendance has to shower you with gifts.

Once the baby shower is over, you will need to hunker down and take the time to send thank you cards to the hostess, organisers, and attendees. It’s only the polite thing to do, after all!

Besides, the people present at your baby shower will be your village once you give birth. They’ll be helping you out whenever you need a listening ear, some sound advice, or a home-cooked meal on days you get little to no sleep because of your newborn. A lovely thank you card will further cement your bond and express how much you treasure them.

Whether you look forward to them or not, birthdays are a part of life. Many people say that as they add another year to their age, they are not actually growing older, but growing wiser. Birthdays celebrate more than age; they are a celebration of life, milestones, achievements, and much more! There is truly a lot to be thankful for during birthdays.

One challenge many people have is trying to find an appropriate gift if someone they care about is turning another year older. Especially for people who have been together for many years, it gets increasingly difficult each year to find the perfect gift. However, most of the time, it is the thought that counts. This being said, how about getting your loved one a funny birthday card?

Tearing your hair out trying to figure out what to write on the greeting card for your new next-door neighbour? If so, do not worry. Many people also struggle with making an excellent first impression with their neighbours. Fortunately, it does not have to be anything too complicated. Even the simplest of messages can help the neighbour feel welcome. It will even help them feel grateful to have such a caring neighbour such as you.

With that said, here are some housewarming messages you can write on your card for your new neighbour:

For many years now, the prevalence of digital greetings has pushed aside physical card giving. Yet, there is nothing more special than receiving a greeting card on your birthday. While the creativity put into a card mirrors one’s effort, it’s the thought that counts the most, and the message can all the more melt the heart!

But have you ever presented someone with a milestone birthday card? This is because there are certain occasions when you don’t just hand up a card with a simple birthday greeting. As your friend, family, or loved one is celebrating a milestone in their life, you should take your creativity to the next level with a milestone birthday card!

In this article, we will share what a milestone birthday card is and how to write a birthday message.

Sending a birthday greeting to friends and family has been a human tradition since time immemorial. Elementary school children spend a lot of time in art classes making greeting cards for parents, teachers, friends, and family.

In the age of social media, the birthday card tradition has somewhat gone by the wayside, and online greetings have taken their place. Sending a birthday message on Facebook is undoubtedly easier, but there is still value in sending someone a physical card to commemorate a special event. A handwritten note can express your sentiments much better than a digitally sent message.

A personalized, physical birthday card shows your recipient that you have spent time and effort to go out and purchase something they will like. A birthday card from a loved one can transcend time, something tangible you can keep over the next several years and decades.

Is your anniversary coming up soon? Do you still have no idea what to get your partner? The last thing you want to do is show up empty-handed. Special occasions like this require special attention to detail. One classic yet straightforward part of a fantastic anniversary gift is the Anniversary card, a small sentiment that complements any gift well. Make your anniversary card memorable by keeping these elements in mind.

While there are different thoughts going on in your mind every day, the chances are that there’s one specific question that you haven’t asked yourself lately: “When was the last time I received a greeting card?”

In today’s digital world, it’s quite difficult to not get caught up in a cycle of convenience that unintentionally reduces the value of greetings to a certain extent. Today, greeting anyone for any occasion has been reduced to a mere array of keystrokes and clicks to the point where e-greetings no longer feel valuable (even if they’re made with the best intentions).

When it comes to greeting cards, which do you prefer—paper or virtual ones? Despite modern technology and the convenience the internet brings, paper is still the most preferred form of greeting cards. It’s easy to think that paper greeting cards have fallen on the wayside as we live in a time when it’s easy to send a greeting via text, email, chat and other methods of online communication today. Still, there is something about paper greeting cards that makes the experience more worthwhile, for both the sender and the receiver.

Technological advancements have introduced new ways to communicate quickly and conveniently. However, reaching out to your loved ones through email, text message, or social media doesn’t always cut it. If you want to express how much you love and care for your friends and family in a more heartfelt way, put your thoughts and feelings on paper with a greeting card!

It’s easy to feel intimidated by the idea of sending handwritten cards. You may feel awkward because doing so can seem too formal. But have you ever been disappointed to receive a card? Chances are that you haven’t!

There’s no reason your recipient won’t appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Here are some reasons why you should send greeting cards in this digital era: