Various aspects of society are put on a halt due to the recent happenings in 2020. Schools are out, and people are adapting to life in lockdown. The world may be in a confusing state, but that doesn’t mean friends, family, and loved ones can’t celebrate special occasions together.

Fortunately, you can still make the day feel unique with the fun ways to party and practice social distancing at the same time:


Tip #1: Plan a Virtual Party

The fun doesn’t need to stop just because you’re miles away from your friends or family. Apps like Zoom, Skype, House Party, and more make it possible to hang with your friends in a multi-person video chat where you can talk, share laughter, eat together, dance, and even go for a toast all while you’re in lockdown mode!

To make the call feel more connected, you can even plan a menu for everyone so you can feel like you’re eating the same party-friendly dishes together. If you’re celebrating your kid’s virtual birthday party, you can play games like trivia or bingo with quirky prizes to keep things interesting.


Tip #2: Send Your Greetings From Afar

When greeting someone for their birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, sharing your feelings and words of appreciation is a sure-fire way to lift their mood for the day. While it’s easy to greet your family or friends online, sending them customised greeting cards adds a personal touch that is sure to leave more impact.

You can tailor the card according to the tone of the greeting – be it a quirky design, witty remark, or a plain yet heartfelt message. Either way, sending greeting cards from far away is a beautiful way to celebrate events even on lockdown.


Tip #3: Celebrate At-Home Graduation Ceremonies

This time of the year is usually the prime time for graduates to throw their caps into the air and start a new leaf into adulthood. With the recent events, students will have to hold off the long-awaited march, but that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate their graduation ceremony with friends, teachers, and family at home.

Planning for a virtual ceremony takes plenty of preparation, but you can easily achieve it by decorating your area with their school colours. You can even set up a video presentation showing the highlight reel of their life, making it a fun program where they can feel like they can have a sense of closure.

End the party with a bang by giving them graduation cards and letting them open their gifts!


The Bottom Line

From birthdays, milestones, to anniversaries, people are in dire need of some high-octane energy indoors, but it can be challenging to set up a party when everyone is stuck in their homes.

You can still have fun with friends and family with the ideas above, allowing you to celebrate while social distancing.

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