Showing your gratitude can go a long way, no matter who you show your appreciation to – be it for work, family, or a friend. A simple thank-you note can uplift moods and make people feel acknowledged, making it a simple yet meaningful way to connect with people.

It’s a more personalised approach compared to sending quick heart emojis through instant messaging, making hand-written thank-you notes just as important in 2020. Saying thank you is enough to put a smile on someone’s face, but there’s something more heartfelt about doing it the old-fashioned way.

With that in mind, the list below shows why penning down your thoughts on a greeting card leave a powerful impact to this day in 2020:


Benefit #1: Hand-Written Thank-You Notes Can Uplift People

People can get lost in their actions and responsibilities for the day, so seeing a thank-you note can give them some time to feel appreciated. That’s why even a small token of appreciation, such as an encouraging greeting card from peer-to-peer, can do wonders in boosting mood.

It can even serve as a simple yet compelling motivator, seeing as showing gratitude can increase morale and happiness all in a few words.


Benefit #2: Hand-Written Thank-You Notes Create a Strong and More Authentic Connection

Technology and social media creates the illusion of instant connection with friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers across the globe. While it’s easy to quip up a quick thank-you note through text, receiving hand-written cards often feels more genuine.

This is because it lets people see your dedication and the effort spent writing down your thoughts. You can elevate the experience even further by gifting a thank-you card that is tailor-made to suit their personality, adding to the personalised approach.


Benefit #3: Hand-Written Thank-You Notes Can Serve as a Keepsake

While there’s no doubt that you are expressing your gratitude when texting, penning it down on paper can capture fuller emotions. It’s easy to forget about an instant message as more flood your inbox, but a carefully crafted, hand-written thank-you card can be a meaningful gift that’s worth saving.

Emails and texts can be buried online, but cards can be a keepsake that can last for years to come. In between the junk mail and pile of bills in an otherwise paperless world, receiving hand-written letters can be a breath of fresh air that is sure to make someone’s day.


The Bottom Line: Contributing to the Lost Art of Hand-Written Letters

There’s nothing more valuable and heartfelt than a hand-written thank-you note. While it’s easier to send a text, the act of writing down your appreciation forces you to take a step back, think about your words, and say thank you in a meaningful manner.

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