Christmas greeting cards have always been a huge part of the holidays, but the digital scene continues to push the concept of handwritten letters in favour of digital messages. Despite the circumstances, however, most people still continue to keep traditions alive. The weeks leading up to Christmas usually have postal services working overtime, especially since there’s always an increase in mail demand due to such cards.

Greeting cards continue to be available in numerous boutiques for those who wish to continue the tradition, while others resort to more creative ways like designing their own. The boom of the digital age may perhaps be upon us, but there’s something magical and warm about receiving Christmas cards—quite like a hug enclosed in stamps and envelopes.

If you’re one of the few looking to revive Christmas traditions, Christmas card giving is one of the best and simplest forms of celebrating the holiday cheer. Here’s why:


Reason #1: A respite from the digital

Social media fatigue is a real thing, and while relying on instant messages is one thing, nothing compares to receiving messages from loved ones away from the digital screen. Social media has been designed to connect, but there’s something fleeting about digital screens.

With Christmas cards, you get the feeling of better connections, especially during the most beautiful time of the year. You gain access to a tangible memory, protected from the digital noise. It’s also a sense of privacy, a connection only you and your loved one has access to. In a sense, a Christmas card is an intimate gesture, a corporeal thing you can keep for years.


Reason #2: The golden opportunity for meaningful conversation

Although completely novel, the idea of handwriting something important imparts another sense of meaning. It can be quite novel, but using a Christmas greeting card to tell your loved one they’re cared for can help reel in a little more happiness. December can be a lonely month, especially for people far from their families.

By sending a well-thought-out letter, handwritten and all, you send them a healthy dose of holiday cheer. Christmas cards can put smiles on faces and mend bridges—use them to your advantage.


Reason #3: Make something old anew

Most people treat Christmas cards as something traditional, but you’re welcome to inject it with personalized touches. You have all the liberty to move away from formality, a Christmas card style that usually signifies prestige and power. The times have changed, however, so make your holiday cards more cheerful.

Add elements of fun, featuring family photos that depict your everyday life. Far-flung loved ones will appreciate the gesture, as you’ll induce as a sense of comfort and familiarity they’ll likely be missing.


Keeping Traditions Alive

Most people dismiss the notion of Christmas cards as something insignificant, but others find sending and receiving a big deal. The main goal of Christmas is to give, especially for those who haven’t heard from their families for a while. A simple card may not seem like much, the moment of joy upon receiving one brings calm, cheer, and gratefulness. As we approach the holidays, ponder on Christmas cards once more: simple, convenient, and thoughtful—a powerful holiday gesture.

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