Rude and funny greeting cards are becoming an increasingly growing trend in this day and age. With the meme culture continuing to spread its influence all over the world, the humour of this current generation can range from light and airy to “dank” and borderline offensive. Mix that humour with greeting cards, and you have a gift worth talking about.

While many might think that giving a rude greeting card to a friend or family member might send the wrong message, then it might show that you just aren’t as close as you thought. Banter and joking insults can be a large part of extremely chummy relationships which friends—and in some cases, lovers—tend to have. Giving a rude and funny greeting card may be the boost of laughter your loved one might need to get through a day.

If you’re still thinking twice about giving a rude and funny greeting card, then here are three of the biggest reasons why they’re the best idea you’ve had all year.


It’s Assuredly Unique

When you’re giving a gift or memento—whether big or small—you want it to be unique and memorable. By giving a rude and funny greeting card, you’re assuredly giving a gift that no one else thought of giving. More than that, picking out something more personalised or distinct that shows your relationship will be the decisive factor in making it unique.

To further that point, you can customise and write down the contents of your card, going to more personal banter that you and your friend or loved one may share. It’s definitely a unique present for a birthday, a wedding, or even just a regular day you want to be made special.


To Show Your Closeness

You won’t send a rude greeting card to someone you aren’t close to, that would just be social suicide. While they may enjoy the humour nonetheless, the banter may be lost in translation, wasting the efficacy of the greeting card. If you actually know and share a relationship with the person, then giving one of these may actually be a good idea.

These unique greeting cards are one of the best ways to show a person that you actually know them—their humour, their taste, and your classic banter with them. Giving one of these is a surefire way of showing closeness, after all, friendly insults are what liven friendships up.


It’s Simply Hilarious

More than anything, rude greeting cards are extremely hilarious! Even if it’s not particularly related to you and your friend, sharing this with someone who has the same type of humour as yourself is assured to get a laugh. The best memories, after all, are ones where you’re happy and laughing, especially when you’re surrounded by people you care about and love. The greeting card itself, while a simple gesture, makes for a long withstanding souvenir of you and your friends’ relationship.



Rude and funny greeting cards are the perfect gift for any occasion—as long as you know the person you’re giving it to, of course! It’s extremely unique and shows just how close you are to the person, which are two characteristics you really want from a gift. Most importantly, it would make the recipient laugh—after all, laughter is the catalyst for the best memories.


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