In today’s digital day and age, it can be quite understandable to think that the handwritten forms of communication are far behind us.

With regular mail becoming emails and flyers becoming social media posts, it may seem like every form of communication has taken the digital route. As people nowadays become more and more dependent on electronic means of communication, however, many opt to now enjoy celebrations and send birthday messages online. Unfortunately, many have forgotten just how different a heartfelt message actually feels when it comes to birthday cards.


Why cards still matter

Despite the fact that they’ve been around for almost a century now, personalised birthday cards remain as relevant as ever.

As opposed to regular online greetings that may not have that much meaning or sentiment to them, physical greeting cards are essentially the purest form of effort and appreciation. Sure, it may seem convenient to simply ping them up on Facebook or Twitter and tell them how much you appreciate them. However, isn’t it much better to go out of your way and opt for the old-school approach?

Here are a few reasons personalised birthday cards are absolutely special:

  1. They help show the warmth of a greeting—even when you’re not there

Given the fact that it essentially takes quite a bit of effort to send them, it’s no secret that personalised birthday cards are the epitome of heartfelt birthday greetings—especially when they’re handwritten.

The thing about these special print greetings is that they’re bespoke in a way that never fails to make any celebrant feel special. Regardless of how long or detailed a social media post may be, it will never really be able to match up or feel as timeless as a card that was written and put together right from the heart.


  1. They show that you prepared

Aside from their special appeal and unmistakable charm, personal birthday cards also suggest that you are far more prepared. It shows that it wasn’t an insincere last-ditch attempt because you only remembered on the day itself. No matter how convenient a social media greeting may seem, it doesn’t often provide the same feeling of preparedness that anyone would want to project when they wish someone a happy birthday. That’s why personalised physical cards are well worth your time, money, and effort.


  1. They give a recipient even more reasons to remember you by

Anybody’s far more inclined to remember someone who was thoughtful enough to put a handmade card together for their birthday. Thanks to how sentimental it is, personalised birthday cards can help transcend time and reaffirm someone of how special they are to you.



With the help of a personalised birthday card, you can show anyone special in your life just how much they mean to you without having to spend a fortune or anything too fancy. If you’re looking for something that’s short, sweet, and simple enough to get straight to the point, then a heartfelt card is more than enough to get the job done!

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