Looking for the perfect greeting card can be tough. You’re probably tired of the generic, heartfelt greeting cards that don’t quite convery the unique or hilarious relationship you have with the recipient. Whether it’s congratulating your mate on a new job or sending out holiday greetings, you want your card to stand out—and what better way than to design one yourself?

Sending off a personalised greeting card will definitely create a bigger impact on your recipient. You’ll have the opportunity to let your creativity take over and include inside jokes, wicked wordsmithing, and even memes in your cards that will definitely be more representative of your relationship than a generic card would! Here are some tips to help you get started:


Choose Your Words With Care

Before getting down to business on the design of your card, you have to decide on what you want to say! This is where your sharp wit and humour come into play while conveying your message sincerely. You also have to make sure that it’s appropriate for the occasion; you may be tempted to make a friendly jab at your friend during his birthday, but that may not be a good idea if you’re sending your condolences.

You should have a bold and eye-catching phrase on the front of the card so that the recipient knows the intent of the card. Your message, whether short and sweet or a bit longer and personal, should go inside, which is free for you to customise as you like.


Make It Pop With Colours and Images

The next step, which is easily one of the most exciting, is designing the card to really give it that wow factor. The goal after all is to make the recipient’s jaw drop in sheer amusement, laughter, or appreciation for your stunning handiwork!

The right combination of visual elements will truly make your greeting card pop. By keeping the meaning of the card in mind, your design should be cohesive while supporting your message. If it’s a birthday card, then a creative spin on the typical birthday elements, like colourful balloons and a towering cake, will definitely make your card stand out.


Use Different Kinds of Paper

With your personalised greeting card, the sky’s the limit—and that includes the paper you use! Don’t restrict yourself to plain white cardstock; there are a plethora of options available. For the environmentally conscious, pulp paper is a great option for a greeting card since it’s made from recycled cards. As it’s simple, subtle, and understated, it’s a great rustic look for your card.

If you want to get a little funkier, then textured paper makes for a great option. These make use of tactile detailing to provide a more interesting aspect to the card not just in terms of sight, but in touch!

If you want to get fancy, then gold paper or silk paper gives you a high-quality finish and lustre that will truly make your card stand out. In fact, these will probably make the recipient hang your card in their room since the paper is so luxurious.

In fact, don’t stop at the kind of paper or cardstock you use—feel free to mix and match them! Cut out shiny shapes from gold paper, or paste in squares of Kraft paper and write your message using a white gel pen or marker. The more creative you are, the better.



Designing and personalising a greeting card is a great way to send a unique message to your recipient without sounding generic or insincere. It will also hold a lot of sentimental value since you made it with your own two hands. With these three tips, you’ll be creating an unforgettable greeting card for any occasion.

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