With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, most if not all of us are locked away in our rooms all day long, forced to use digital means to communicate. But did you know that this is not the only way to keep in touch with one another? You can do the same with greeting cards! Plus, you can personalise them and make them funny to cheer people up in this troubling time.

That said, what exactly should you write in the greeting cards? We’ve got some tips:

  1. Write something funny

If you have ever switched on the news about the ongoing pandemic, you will be greeted with nothing more than pain and suffering. This is not something only you are dealing with, but pretty much anyone that lives in this world. With all the trouble and chaos that is going on, it does not seem too bad to try and add a little bit of happiness to it all.

With that in mind, go ahead and write something funny to the people around you. To your friends, why not write something witty about the pandemic, send them a funny card? To your family, why not recollect on the funny memories that you have shared with them? You can pretty much write anything to bring a smile to the people around you. Just keep in mind who you are writing to, and that will give you a good idea of what is acceptable and what is not.


  1. Write something encouraging

Sometimes, words of encouragement are just what someone needed to get through a tough time. If you have friends or family who are directly affected by the pandemic, sometimes a little gesture that shows you care will help them remember how humanity can be beautiful.

What should you write to encourage someone? Well, it can generally revolve around the fact that you are thinking about the individual and that wish them the best. For example, you can write something along the lines of “You have all my love and care for you to help you get through this tough time.” To take your greeting card to the next level, add some cash or a little packet of hand sanitiser!


  1. Write something rude

While this might seem a little counter-intuitive, knowing that people are already stressed out about the pandemic, and you are saying something rude to them might spark a little trouble. However, what we mean is that you should write something rude, yet funny! Just note that this will usually only work with friends and family, and to those that know your humour.

What kind of “rude” greeting cards can you send to your friends and family? Anything. What you want to achieve here is that they forget about the pandemic for a while and think about what an awesome friend or family member you are.



So, whether you write something funny, encouraging, or even rude, it’s the thought that counts! The fact that you took the time to write something and send it to the people around you proves that you are in it with them to get through this troubling time. Who knows that you might receive a card back thanking you for your card and how much it meant to them!

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