It’s a special kind of feeling to know that someone handpicks the right cards that fit our personality perfectly. It also shows what type of relationship we have with them.

In the past decade, however, technology has changed the way people live. Because of easier access to technology through social media, people quickly take for granted the importance of communication. More people resort to posting on blogs or social media posts to let others know how important they are to them. However, we can’t keep these posts with us physically. This is why it’s still a different satisfaction to be able to receive a card.

Take note that most of the buyers of cards are women. In the US, four out of five overall buyers of cards are women. This seems ironic since more women want to receive cards as gifts, and their partners should be able to do that for them.

Some people only buy cards for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. Only a few people think of sending cards to greet or ask how their friends or family are. It should not be the case since sending cards ‘just because’ can uplift the mood of someone. Below we listed the three ways how ‘just because’ cards can make someone’s day.

That said, here are three ways of how sending “just because” cards can make someone’s day:


  1. It’s the best way to say, “I miss you.”

Cards are timeless in every way. It’s the perfect way to let someone know you think about them even during random moments of the day. When someone receives a card, they treat it as a personal treasure. They’ll appreciate how you took the time to make the card. Unlike sending a message through social media platforms, getting a card takes more effort than clicking a button.


  1. It will instantly cheer up a person.

Don’t wait for a tragic occasion like a death in the family or sickness suddenly befalling a loved one. If you get the opportunity to purchase a card, take every chance you can get. You’ll never know when your dear friend or family is feeling down or lost. Sending them a card with loving and kind words will instantly bring cheer to them.


  1. It shows how much you appreciate someone.

People appreciate others, not just because of the big favours they do for them. They also understand the small day-to-day favours that others do for them, such as buying coffee or cooking an extra delicious dinner at home. Sending a card is a great way to surprise a loved one who has done either big or small favours. Sometimes, it’s not enough to send a simple thank you through text or messenger. The best way to thank someone is to send them a personalized card that they can treasure for a lifetime.



Some things are indeed better when unplanned. Surprises are always welcome when they are excellent and exciting. You’ll never know what other people go through daily. Whenever they’re having the worst days of their lives, it’s good to receive a card that lets them know someone cares. A card received even on a good day will affirm that person of a job well done. It will also let them enjoy and appreciate more of the blessings that they have received.

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