Quitting a job can cause a whirlwind of emotions, and while it can be overwhelming, keeping your sense of professionalism intact even as you step out the door is crucial to maintaining a good relationship with your boss and co-workers.

Leaving without saying goodbye can backfire in the future, especially when collaborating with your former colleagues when the opportunity arises. It’s easy to cut corners, but spending your last effort on a heartfelt departure can do wonders for your reputation.

With that in mind, the tips below should help find ways to leave your job as gracefully as possible:


Tip #1: Throw a Farewell Party

Disappearing without notice can be jarring for your co-workers and run the risks of burning bridges. While you can say goodbye by sending an email or instant message to your friends and acquaintances at work, there’s nothing more intimate than throwing a simple farewell party.

Be it for a goodbye lunch, dinner, or drinks after hours, spending some time with your colleagues outside of work is an excellent way to stay in good standing with people. It’s an effort that is sure to be appreciated and remembered.


Tip #2: Write a Simple Letter and Send a Unique Leaving Card

Penning down your appreciation for the teamwork you built with your co-workers on paper is an excellent way to extend your gratitude. Writing it on a personalised leaving card, on the other hand, can elevate the experience as it shows your dedication to expressing your care.

This helps you leave with high hopes of sustaining your relationship, making it easier to grow your connection and build your credibility as a professional. With that in mind, keeping your message brief, sincere, or quirky is enough to do the trick before you step out the door for good.

Don’t focus on the reason behind your resignation. Instead, stick to positive and encouraging statements to maintain your good standing with your co-workers.


Tip #3: Stay in Touch by Connecting with Co-Workers Using LinkedIn

Resigning from your job doesn’t mean you have to close your doors to opportunities with your old co-workers. New opportunities can bring you back together, so why not establish your connection by inviting them to your social networking like Linkedin.

You can take it a step further by asking for their contact details so you can stay in touch outside of work, just be sure to assess your relationship before moving to the next level.


The Bottom Line: Using Leaving Cards to Say a Bittersweet Goodbye to Your Job

Saying goodbye to your company can be difficult, but leaving without extending your gratitude to your boss or colleagues can leave a stain on your reputation. With that in mind, sending leaving cards in business is a fun way to show your appreciation and ensure you can resign from your job with grace.

If you’re looking to send a heartfelt and personalised leaving card to boss and co-workers, we have a colourful and creative selection of leaving cards in the UK to help you leave in good terms.