Fathers: The figures who have been pivotal or influential in our journeys. On top of that, they are the ones who dedicate their all to making sure that we grow up right.

Although both parents play equally-important roles in our lives from the moment we come into the world, fathers tend to be under-appreciated because of the role they take. As opposed to the mothers who smother us with love and affection to make sure that we know they cherish us, fathers tend to take a more stoic and less verbal approach.

Yet, it’s our duty as our parents’ children to show that we love our fathers even if they will buy us a drink or feed us rather than muster up the manly courage to say “I love you.” No matter how old you may be, how many children you have, or what you’re doing in life, it’s always a good idea to show your dad you love him, even if the lockdowns make it harder to do so.


How to show you appreciate your dad even during the lockdown

If you’ve been thinking about your dad more often and spending this time in isolation, thinking about how much you appreciate him, you might be looking for different ways to express your feelings. Whether you’re a hugger, a giver, or a verbal type of person, there will always be an abundance of ways to show your father that you love him!

If you are looking for a creative way to express yourself to your dad even outside of father’s day while in lockdown, here are three creative ways that will be excellent:


Idea #1: Get your dad the food he loves

Whether your dad is a steak-and-wine type of person or has a sweet tooth with a big appetite, getting him food will always be a great way to show him that you love him. If you want to take your appreciation up a notch and don’t want to settle for a “to-go” box, you can always opt to cook or bake his favourite food yourself to add more meaning to your display of appreciation!

Idea #2: Spend some time with him

You might not realise it now, but all dads have a soft spot for their children no matter how tough they look or how rough around the edges they get. Not sure what this implies? Here’s a clue: spending some time with him will always be a great way to show your appreciation.

It may seem quite simple, yet spending even more time with your dad by doing whatever he wants is a great way to create a beloved memory that he’ll look back on fondly. Whether you merely spend some time together watching a game, turning on a barbeque and grilling with him, or cracking jokes with one another, quality time is a great gift that never gets old!

Idea #3: Get him a funny card

In this digital age, it might seem like greeting cards are old-fashioned in a sense. However, we’ll let you in on a secret: dads always love greeting cards, no matter how old they are. With the help of a creative greeting card from You Said It, you can express your appreciation for your father and give him a little token that he can hang on his corkboard or put on his desk!


If you’ve been missing your dad lately during the lockdown, it’s best to take this as a sign that you should show him all the appreciation and love that you have. Through the help of the three creative ideas mentioned above, you will surely get to express your feelings just in case you aren’t entirely sure over where, when, or how to start things off!

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