Is your boss’s birthday coming up? Now’s your chance to get promoted! Jokes aside, you would want to wish him a great birthday, even if he does not play nice with you at times. So, what should you say to your boss? Should you sound sharp and write “happy birthday” in the most professional way possible, or should you go fun and creative, giving him a card that is filled with bunnies and bears? That is up to you.

If you do need help, here are a few things you can write to your boss to wish him a happy birthday:


  1. “Happy birthday, my manager and friend!”

Remember, your boss is still human, meaning that he can still feel lonely, especially when he is up there. While you might feel uneasy treating him the same as one of your friends, they might just appreciate it, and a lot.

For that, write something that makes them feel like he or she is part of your circle. To do that, simply think about how you are going to write to a good friend. Anything along the lines of “Happy birthday, my manager and friend” and “To my best buddy and boss, happy birthday” will work wonders. This can work, primarily if you work in a more casual environment, where the boss loves to chill around their employees.


  1. “Happy birthday, my awesome boss!”

If you are a little too afraid to bring your boss down to your level, you can still wish him or her a happy birthday while still sounding like you respect their position.

For example, you can write along the lines of “Happy birthday to the person I love working for.” Not only are you acknowledging them for the hard work they do as well as their title, but you are still showing that you appreciate them a lot.


  1. “You thought I forgot the birthday of my favourite person? Of course not! Happy birthday!”

Are you a close friend to the boss and want to be funny? Go for it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving him or her a good laugh. After all, they are just like you, people trying to make a living.

Surprise your boss with cards with words like, “I don’t like working for not you! Happy Birthday.” Your boss-friend might just be furious at first, but after telling him or her to reread it, it might end with epic laughter and he’ll appreciate you for your awesomeness as well.



There are just so many things you can write to your boss. From serious birthday messages to lighthearted birthday wishes, what you write will all depend on your relationship with your boss. If you are close, you might just be able to get away with writing something rude, because that is what friends are for! So, go ahead, write, “You think we don’t like listening to your @$%#? We love it! Happy birthday!” You might just be given that little extra chance of getting promoted, but do not bet on it!

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