No gesture is quite as sweet and thoughtful as delivering greeting cards in honour of special occasions.

Sure, greeting cards can seem to be rather old school. But since time immemorial, they have served as a brilliant way to show thoughtfulness, gratitude, and appreciation. They are also perfect for expressing good wishes, luck, and happiness to the significant people in our lives, particularly during special life events such as birthdays, weddings, Valentines, and Christmas.

That being said, let’s take a look at the four times when greeting cards are highly relevant, and how genuinely heartfelt they can be when given to special people. Here are the top five occasions when sending cards truly matter:



What better time to send out a sweet greeting card than on an individual’s most special day – their birthday? Apart from a birthday present, people love receiving heartfelt greetings and sincere wishes as they celebrate being alive.

The gesture itself is already heartwarming. When you add the perfect design, it is even more sweet, particularly if it is well-crafted or specially customised. However, the one thing that can melt your recipient’s heart is the content. Well-wishes on your birthday can put a smile on your face, but a written personal message that tells someone you care about how much you love them and are glad that they’re alive will leave them shedding a tear or two.



The wedding bells are ringing! Let’s say that a good friend and her Prince Charming are finally about to tie the knot. What’s the next course of action? Getting a lovely card, of course! When the big day finally arrives, you will be able to give them a greeting card bearing a message of hope and sending wishes for a blissful life ahead.

This lovely couple deserves all the well-wishes in the world as they are about to start a new life as a family. While greeting cards for a wedding can be rather generic, personalising them with a thoughtful message will surely make a difference.


Valentine’s Day

Almost everyone celebrates Valentine’s day and everyone deserves to get at least one greeting card. Why not? It’s the day of love. Everyone exudes love in a variety of ways, be it platonic, familial, or intimate.

A bouquet of flowers and a box of delicious chocolates can make your lover smile. However, the message written on the greeting card tucked into the box can make your partner’s day, leaving his or her heart warm and tender.

It isn’t only your partner who should be spoiled on your special day. Your friends and family also love you and deserve a greeting card on Valentine’s. You can deliver greeting cards containing heartwarming messages. They don’t have to be long – just enough to make their day. After all, everyone deserves some kind of love, and a greeting card will be a nice gesture.


Christmas Day

As they put it, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. And what better way to cap the year and spice up the season than to give out heartwarming greeting cards for the season?

Regardless of whether or not there will be an exchange of gifts, a small card with a note can be thoughtful and lovely. The messages written on the card can warm your family’s and friends’ hearts, leaving them saying, “oh, how sweet and nice and thoughtful of you!”

After all, it’s a season of merry-making. A card can make someone else’s day! So make use of this incredible tool next time the season of festivities approaches.

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