Now that emails and text messaging are the preferred medium of “written” correspondence, it can be tempting to think that sending out greeting cards have fallen out of fashion. On the contrary, physical cards of all kinds have become even more special because of the time and effort that it takes to create and send. This is especially true if you’re sending out handwritten love cards to your significant other or carefully designed Christmas cards for your family.

If you’re still undecided on whether physical notes are worth it, here are four reasons why your loved ones will appreciate receiving a physical greeting card.


  1. Physical cards take more time and effort

While electronic cards can also be made beautiful with some technical know-how, nothing beats the effort and time needed to create something with your hands. Unlike electronic cards where you have the benefit of using the undo button, physical greeting cards demand commitment and careful planning if you don’t want to waste materials or the time you’ve spent in making the card.

No matter how you decide to go about creating your physical card, your recipient will appreciate the fact that you took some time and thought in sending them a tangible reminder that you care.


  1. Physical cards are a delight to open

Posting a greeting on Facebook is easy, clean, and convenient. However, it’s actually that same convenience that robs the sincerity from the act. Nobody is going to have fond memories of the time that they spent a few minutes scrolling through hundreds of absent-minded greetings.

On the other hand, your recipients are sure to treasure the act of opening a few carefully written greeting cards that they received on their birthday. Unlike Facebook greetings which do go stale and get forgotten over time, the act of opening a physical letter will be just as sweet and satisfying 20 years later.


  1. Physical cards last longer

Unlike text messages, Facebook posts, or Twitter DMs, physical greeting cards don’t get lost over time. Some people even go the extra mile and keep the letters open on a board or wall as a joyful reminder of people who truly care.

Although Facebook may have a feature that lets you look back on memories, and you can store text messages on your phone, nothing beats the presence of physical letters that you can look and read every time you walk into the room or sit at your desk. This is not to mention that social media platforms come and go, and the carefully composed message you sent over Twitter and Facebook a few years ago will likely get lost should the platforms disappear. Meanwhile, the physical greeting letters you sent are most likely kept safe in a box of mementoes, ready to be opened anytime.


  1. Physical cards are intimate

Greeting cards are some of the most intimate forms of communication, short of directly telling someone how you feel in person. This is because letters are meant for their eyes only, which conveys exclusivity. Unlike Facebook wall posts, which are often readable by anyone, love cards are much more honest and are less prone to keep pretenses.



It’s true that handwritten correspondence may no longer be fashionable or even practical with the times. However, writing physical greeting cards are still just as effective in making someone feel special. If you are thinking of ways to make somebody happy on any given day, writing them a greeting card is sure to put a smile on their faces.

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