4 Things to Write in a Goodbye Card to Make it Funnier

Goodbye cards aren’t always the best cards to send away. They’re personal, dedicated, and almost impossible to keep from being too emotional. However, as typical as it sounds, goodbyes happen, and most people will experience it once in their lifetime. But for those people wanting to make goodbyes happy, there are many ways to write a funny goodbye card. Here are some ideas.


  1. ‘Without You, Who Will I Blame For All My Crap?’

This card is funny because it’s a bit bitter but still happy. It’s a great way to start a farewell. A straightforward way to make your goodbye card witty is to use the power of sarcasm. The card is simple and easy to understand, so it’s an excellent introductory card. Also, it’s a card that shows that your friendship is strong enough to make jokes or sarcastic remarks.


  1. ‘See You Never.’

The card is the perfect way to be quirky about the fact that you’re moving away. People around you should be able to relate to the fact that leaving will be hard. If you’re hoping to comfort them, this is a great way to do it. People are going to love this card. It’s pretty much a saying of getting out of my way because I’m moving, but it’s also in a cheerful way.


The card is all about being realistic about your friend’s departure. If a goodbye card fails to capture what the friendship was like or what the company meant, it fails at being a sound card. This card gets the point across and makes a goodbye seem more personal.


  1. ‘You’re Afraid To Say Goodbye.’

To say goodbye is a big thing, but it’s an important thing. A great way to say goodbye is to make your friend laugh. This card is something that almost anyone can relate to because it’s something that everyone says to their bratty friends. The clever wording is the card’s highlight, and it’s something that your friend is bound to get a laugh out of.


People love a sound card that makes them laugh, not just a card that says goodbye. But that’s why we have cards! People like getting these cards because it gives them a chance to forget about their problems for a second and enjoy each other’s company. Cards like this aren’t just funny, and they’re a great way to say goodbye and show that this relationship isn’t over.


  1. ‘I Had A Great Friend. And Then There Was You.’

The card comes from an infographic, making it a little geekier. It is also a great way to put a funny spin on a goodbye card. The card is a bit of a fact because friends have a way of ruining friendships. Whether it’s a break-up or a one-way move, companies have a way of not being the same after.



Giving a sound goodbye card can be a lot of fun and easier than you think. Even if it’s a goodbye card for your job, you can still use these ideas and make someone’s last moments at that place a bit more fun.

Goodbyes are always hard, but it makes things a lot better if you know how to make them fun. An excellent goodbye card is a perfect way to end a friendship. It shows how much you love the person and appreciate your company.

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