Holiday greeting cards are some of the best ways to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them through this special period. While sending one to some of your work friends may be acceptable, it may cause you some pause before actually sending one to your boss and their family.

Although it may seem a bit too personal for such a “professional” relationship, sending out a Christmas greeting card is a great way to improve your relationship. Not only does it put you at the top of their mind, but it’s also always a good idea to show some thanks and appreciation to your boss.

Before sending one out, knowing a bit about greeting card etiquette can assure the message is received well. To help you in that regard, here are four tips to follow before sending a holiday greeting card to your boss.


Forego digital greeting cards

For the more technologically-adept individuals, using e-mail to blast digital greetings may seem like a good idea. A majority of older and more senior managers, however, still adopt an “old-school” type of thinking, which is why e-cards aren’t a good choice. Templated digital greeting cards are not only perceived as impersonal, but some see this to be highly inappropriate as well.


Use high-quality cards that are appropriate

Purchasing a generic greeting card is one thing, but one that is shoddy and tasteless is another matter completely. A lot of greeting cards today are made of high-quality materials and are patterned with aesthetically pleasing and tasteful messages.

It may seem like a good idea to send a funny greeting card as well, but this only works for closer colleagues. Make sure your message can’t be interpreted as offensive, especially when sending a card to your supervisor.


Add a Personal Touch

Formerly, greeting cards were highly templated and generic—this way, there wouldn’t be anything lost in translation or misinterpreted to be offensive. It may be a good idea, however, to add a personal touch to your card.

A simple note within the card can help with this, or even picking out a card that will seem relatable to the person you’re sending it to. The most basic factor of personalisation that all must do, however, is to actually sign the card by hand. While digital signatures or simple name writing may suffice, adding your signature is merely basic professional etiquette when sending out a greeting card.


Re-read the contents for errors

One of the most basic mistakes when sending out a holiday card is to not proofread it. While writing from the heart is one way to approach things like these, minor spelling or grammatical errors can make your greeting card lose its purpose.

Make sure to check the name you’re writing and the spelling of that person’s name and position. If you make a mistake in this, then it could backfire in your effort to build a relationship with that person.


The Bottom Line

It’s a great idea to send a holiday greeting card to your boss—but make sure you’re following the proper greeting card etiquette. By taking note of these simple tips, you’re sure to give a card that’s not only memorable, but also heartwarming for your boss.

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