Birthday parties are fun to plan, but have you ever tried to plan a funny surprise birthday party for a loved one? The planning process is much fun in itself, yet it will undoubtedly take lots of work to put it off successfully! Don’t worry, as all you need is a few ideas and people to help you make it work.

When it comes to funny surprise birthday ideas, you can either pull a prank or make the person do something silly. Just make sure that the celebrant has a good sense of humour, or they might misunderstand your innocent intentions.

In this article, we will share four funny surprise birthday ideas that will give everybody some good laughs:


  1. Fill a Room With Balloons

One of the easiest ways to surprise a loved one is to fill a room of balloons. If you can pull it off, make an avalanche out of it to give it more punch. You can turn it into a fun event by having notes in the balloons that the person has to pop using their butt! If you can’t fill a room with balloons, you can just fill their closet with it and hide your present inside.


  1. Plan a Pretend Kidnap

Have you ever thought about kidnapping the birthday celebrant and taking them to where the surprise is? If the celebrant has a good sense of humour, you can take your plans to the next level by asking the guests to pretend that they were kidnapped as well before you reveal the surprise.


  1. Ghost the Person The Whole Day

One of the funniest and best birthday surprise ideas for a loved one is by ghosting them on the day itself. Not that you’re trying to ruin your person’s day, but you can have several people deliver gifts to him or her, but don’t text or call. Let them go about their day feeling curious about why you are not around. That way, you leave an air of mystery and anticipation that the celebrant will find amusing at the end of the day when you finally show up!


  1. Wake Them Up With A Surprise

Waking up the celebrant in the morning may be something that can be expected, but how about doing this during the early hours of the morning, perhaps at around 12:00 a.m.? You can even pull a prank and pretend that there’s something wrong. Record the whole scene on video so that you have something to look back on for years to come and have a good laugh together.



With the four ideas given above, you can now plan for an unforgettable surprise birthday party. These ideas don’t require big locations and preparations; you can adjust it according to what you have, and with a little bit of creativity, you can make it memorable. For guests who can’t be there at the party yet want to be a part of the joke, have them send in some funny birthday cards that you can place at the location. You can also get some birthday cards to decorate the place to add more fun!

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