It’s easy to accumulate a ton of greeting cards during Christmas over the course of many years. Whether they came with gifts or they were standalone notes, you often have no idea what to do with them afterwards. You may feel the need to throw them away because they only take up most of your storage spaces. However, instead of discarding them, here are five ways to reuse greeting cards as decorations.


  1. Frame and hang cards

Buy decorative frames and use Christmas cards for decorations. You can also get plain frames and decorate them with paint or glossy paper. Use a two-sided structure if you want to see the message and enjoy the card for more years.


  1. Card wallets

This project works best for postcards with beautiful decoration, and it is easy to pull off. Start creating card wallets by folding the card in half and keeping the side with the décor up. Next, create a half oval from the top front and seal the card with clear vinyl. Then, stitch the edges with needle and thread to complete the wallet. You can also create envelopes for smaller cards that are perfect for complementing gifts.


  1. Card mobile

Old cards are also ideal for decorating common spaces or a baby’s room by creating a card mobile. You have much freedom to complete this project if you have a 12-inch embroidery hoop, strong threads, and durable glue. You can hang the cards from the circle using the thread or fold them into fascinating shapes. Creating unique patterns is easy, regardless of how you want to lay the cards out.


  1. Christmas decorations

Cut the cards into exciting shapes and include a ribbon to make ornaments or garlands. This project is also ideal for kids who like to help out in decorating, and the cards provide a personal touch to the decors.


  1. Card basket

Collect all your greeting cards and turn them into a basket. Aside from the cards themselves, you will need glue and yarn to pull off this project. Find a pattern and cut them so they will fit together. After cutting the cards into various shapes, stitch them together with yarn and seal them with glue. You will have a fascinating centrepiece that will help you remember the previous greeting cards and store new ones.


Buy new greeting cards

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