A few things can be as sweet and thoughtful as receiving a handwritten note, card, or letter from someone you love. But as much as it feels terrific to get one, it feels great to send them as well. If you haven’t tried out sending one to people you love, here’s some things that might change your mind!

Should You Still Send Cards and Letters?

When you send cards and letters, you make the recipient feel loved and appreciated. Taking the time and effort to write a physical letter shows how much you value the recipient. You may also try sending funny cards and letters from time to time because, in this way, you send happiness, too.


How Can You Get Ready to Write?

When is the best time to write your letter? You may try writing one over breakfast as you sip your cup of tea. Perhaps you may also write one as you wait for someone to come over or wait for a meeting to start. When you decide on the right time, make sure you are in the best mood, and you’re not in a rush.

Regardless of the time, all you have to do is gather up all the necessary items such as your craft supplies, pens, stamps, and other pieces of stationery.


5 Helpful Tips for Writing Fun Cards and Letters

As you prepare a genuine and witty message for someone dear to your heart, your mind may start going many miles a minute. Of course, your message depends on the depth of your relationship as well as the occasion you’re writing about. Messages in congratulations cards, birthday cards, and engagement cards are very distinct.


Now that you are ready to write, here are some things you can do to enhance your work.

  1. Use a famous quote – A great quote or a memorable line can be a good starter for any message. If you’re not the best at stringing words together, you can deliver a stronger message if you make the most of a famous person’s best.


  1. Add a PS and make it fun – After delivering a good message, you can provide an extra punch with a PS statement. You can utilize this space for a joke or a sweet line.


  1. The more, the merrier – If you are giving a card to someone in your office or a member of your family, have everyone else add some lines. Having multiple people share their love and sentiments will be even more heartwarming for the recipient. As it will be a mix of funny, simple, sweet, and mischievous, the reader will have a unique experience.


  1. Consider the recipient’s age – When writing your card, always put the receiver’s age in your mind. Each generation has its own general sense of humour, so what can be funny to you can be offensive to an older relative.


  1. Read it multiple times – Whatever you are writing, it is never good to just send it without going through the material a few times. Now, for a card, where your ultimate goal is to make someone smile and feel loved, make sure that’s what your message delivers.



Sending greeting cards is an excellent way to commemorate a special day in a person’s life. It may sound simple, but the right combination of words can brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be too cheesy or sappy; you can always make it light and funny and still make them feel loved.

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