Thinking of grabbing a rude greeting card loaded with banter for a good friend of yours? Of course, it is a great type of card you can give to your close friends. You roughly know the lines each other has, but sometimes, you can’t wonder whether the line is going to be crossed.

Regardless, you know them, and they know you, so why not go ahead and take the risk? It’s fun, and if they’re pissed off, well, we’re sure you know how to defend yourself.

That said, here are all the great reasons to give your good close friend a rude card:


  1. Laughter Is Healthy

There’s something about making people laugh that lifts their spirits and puts them in a better mood. It’s a simple, sweet process, and the great thing is that you don’t have to be a comedian to make someone laugh.

Rude jokes have always been a source of hilarity, and this is one time where you can get a bit bold. You can always go for a few classic jokes, like how Englishmen cannot tell the difference between the two words when there is a difference.


  1. Turning Up The Heat

The great thing about humour is that it usually comes along with a certain level of discomfort. It’s easy to be uncomfortable when you hear a joke, especially if it’s coming from a close friend. It’s an inside joke, and yet, you find it still acceptable to laugh at.

You might even cringe a bit, and yet, you still want to laugh because it is so awkward, but in an excellent kind of way. This is a big part of why people love humour so much, because it can be so scary, and yet, at the same time, it can be so funny.


  1. Being Unusual

There’s no denying that humour is a great way to bring people together. It’s a great way of looking at things differently, and it also allows you to bond with people who may be vastly different from you.

The best thing about humour is when it gets you to be silly and outrageous, which is sometimes the best thing you can be when it comes to being with the people you love. You can be yourself and still enjoy the process.


  1. A Great Way Of Communication

There is a certain way that humour can get people talking to each other and sharing their various insights and experiences. That’s because you can’t be exactly serious when you’re having a laugh, and it allows you to notice things you would never have noticed.

You let your guard down and look at things in a more relaxed way. This is also why humour can be a great way to learn because you’re open to new ideas and new experiences that you otherwise might not have been open to.


  1. It Can Be A Huge Stress Reliever

The great thing about humour is that it can be a huge stress reliever. Humour is great for relieving stress because it can give you a sense of enjoyment that is not necessarily tied to anything else.

It allows you to look back on an unsettling experience but gives you a way to make it a bit more pleasant and enjoy it more, if only in retrospect. At times, humour can be an effective tool in helping you cope with the stress that you’d otherwise be overwhelmed by.



If you have a friend that you’re pretty close to, then you know exactly how to give them a great gift. It doesn’t have to be a full card or a huge present. You can simply grab a few cards, hit them with your best shot, and that might just do the trick.

When it comes to humour, a rude card can be a great way of letting people in and making them feel warm and accepted, so you might want to start there.

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