Holidays are just around the corner with the first half of 2020 nearing its close. Various events such as Christmas, Halloween, and even anniversaries and birthdays are always something to look forward to every year. On these special occasions, it’s important to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them to show your care and affection.

In today’s world, where leaning towards digital methods have become the norm, sending a traditional greeting card is still an effective way of making a genuine special connection.


The advantages of sending traditional greeting cards

E-cards may look flashy and convenient to send, but it doesn’t match the impact that a handwritten letter can give. This is why traditional cards offer a level of personalised effort that E-cards cannot offer.

In this article, we will share five reasons traditional greeting cards are irreplaceable:


  1. It has a long shelf life

Ironically, traditional cards have a longer shelf life compared to E-cards, even if digital formats are technically long-lasting. The reason they last is because people keep them for longer after receiving them.

In today’s age when sending an E-card doesn’t take longer than a minute, a handwritten letter that took time and effort to choose, write, and send gives a greater sentimental value to the sender and receiver.


  1. It is excellent for collecting

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to find anyone who keeps a collection of E-cards that they received from their loved ones. Digital memories just don’t leave the same level of emotional connection that real-life experiences can give.

Traditional greeting cards are great for reminiscing. People who are avid card and letter collectors usually have a collection of greeting cards or an album to keep all their special memories in one place.


  1. It offers a broad selection of moods and tones

Greeting cards are far from being a simple letter and a postcard in an envelope. Various greeting card shops know that there’s a wide variety of people looking for specific cards for different purposes. Some people want to give a heartfelt congratulations, while others prefer a quirky thank you, or maybe even a sarcastic goodbye.


  1. It has many material options

The medium isn’t the only thing that varies significantly from E-cards. It’s also the variety of materials that make the difference in choosing traditional greeting cards. They can be made from a wide range of textiles and fabrics, making one’s message more meaningful to the person who receives it.


  1. It is great for reminiscing

Every now and then, you may want to go back and remember the critical moments in your life, whether it’s a special birthday or a memorable holiday. Greeting cards offer a more heartfelt way of reminiscing one’s memories that you can remember not just for yourself but also in sharing it with your loved ones.



Nothing beats the traditional form of sending greeting cards as it can magically bring you back to the moment when you first opened and received one. They’re excellent souvenirs that you share with someone special by choosing the perfect card for the perfect occasion, complete with a personal message that completes it.

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