Of everything that life has to offer, perhaps the best one could ever have is a loving, caring mother. That said, whether Mother’s Day is coming up or you simply want to thank her for all she has done for you, writing a sweet thank-you card can be a great way to let her know that you appreciate all of that.

Don’t know what sweet thing to write or say to your mother? Here are a few ideas just for you:


  1. “You’re the Best Cook Ever”

No cooking is better than mum’s cooking! Even the three-star Michelin restaurant you’ve been to cannot be compared to mum’s sandwiches. From a fridge stocked high with goodies to munch on, to a cabinet filled with snacks you can eat, mum knows just how to satisfy any craving of yours.

Seriously though, homemade food is one of the best things in life. While you might’ve not taken it much for thought as a kid, as an adult, this is pure treasure.


  1. “I’m So Happy You Are My Mum”

Like naughty children, we’ve all said, “I hate you, mum!” at least once or twice while growing up. After all, mum doesn’t get us, right? Well, she does.

What we saw as constraining or hindering put on us by mum is done straight out of pure love. She knows the trouble we’re about to fall into, and while we might not see it, mum is doing her best to keep you safe. Now’s your chance to say that you appreciate everything she has done and that you’re happy you have the best mum in the world!


  1. “I Love You”

Remember, mum has emotions too. She loved you unconditionally, so now it’s time to let her know you love her, too. What better way to do that than to say it yourself?

Tell your mum that you appreciate everything she’s done for you, that despite you being naughty and even shouting at her at times, you will and always will love her.


  1. “I Want to Help”

Your mum has sacrificed countless things for you without expecting you to do anything back for her. That’s unconditional love! Now, it’s time for you to repay some of it.

While you might never be able to repay all that she has done, you can, at the least, ask her what she needs and provides. Just remember that she will always say no, but you don’t have to take that as an answer! Get her the stuff she wants or needs anyways. We’re sure she’ll appreciate it a lot.


  1. “I’m Sorry”

No matter how much you hurt your mum, how much you curse at her, or say rude things, your mum always and still loves you much. Well, don’t leave it at that! Go and tell your mum that you’re sorry for every time you hurt her feelings.

There’s nothing wrong with saying sorry. In fact, your mother will be happy knowing that you saw your mistakes and have come to her to say that you’re sorry.



There are just so many great things you can tell your mother. You want to show her that you appreciate everything she’s ever done for you. With that in mind, while you can write the things we’ve shared with you, feel free to get a little creative! Add a bit of humour to your card to make her laugh, or maybe a little rudeness to make her go “That’s my son!”

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