Nothing compares to the smiles you can bring people through simple expressions of humour. A moment shared with someone that leads to laughter can make a person’s day and keep them going. These effects are why you should add funny elements to the greeting cards you send to your loved ones, especially for joyous occasions.

What makes a short message on a card funny? How can you sprinkle humour into greeting cards? Keep on reading to find out.


  1. Think about What the Recipient Finds Funny

If you want to impress the person on the receiving end, you need to know their preferences. To learn what kinds of jokes your recipient finds amusing, you can start by asking them.

If you don’t have the opportunity to have a conversation with the person, you can try putting yourself in their shoes. Look at the things they like. If they’re into reading, they might enjoy jokes written funnily. If they’re into TV programs, they might appreciate jokes similar to what they watch on TV.


  1. Start with a Funny Greeting Card

Many greeting cards are already funny. You can start building your joke from there. Have a look in greeting card shops to find funny good luck cards or funny congratulation cards with the kinds of jokes that you think match the personality of the person you’re sending the card to.


  1. Make Them Smile with a Funny Joke

Don’t worry about being original when you start thinking about which joke to use in your greeting card. It’s better to be familiar with a few clever lines that you can use on all occasions than to be struggling to come up with something new with every greeting card you make.

Instead of starting with a joke you’ve come up with, start with a joke you’ve heard before. Look for jokes that you think match the personality of the person you’re sending the card to. Most jokes are funny because they reflect the situation that many people can relate to.

If you want to make sure that your card will make the person smile, you can write the joke yourself. While writing your own jokes takes time, the results are worth it, as you can make hilarious lines that are sure to get a chuckle.


  1. Avoid Cliches

There are many cliches in humour. You can choose to avoid them, or you can embrace them. The choice is up to you.

Cliches are jokes that are repeated many times and have become popular due to their widespread use. While cliches are popular, they can also be boring. Many gift card companies used to use cliches for their cards, but you can spot a greeting card that’s full of cliches pretty quickly. Many people don’t want cliches to be the first thing they see when they open up a birthday card.

Don’t forget that your comedy doesn’t need to be super out of this world. The recipient will enjoy your card more if they can relate to it.


  1. Keep it Short

Humour can be effective in getting the point across, but it can also be confusing if it’s too long. Whether you’re writing your own joke or writing one from another author, you need to keep it short.


Final Thoughts

Now that you’re all smiles, you’re ready to try your hand at writing funny greeting cards. Whether you write your own jokes or adapt jokes from other authors, you can use our tips to create the funniest cards you’ve ever written. With your new skills, you can make the people you care about smile and laugh.

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