When was the last time you sent a personalised Christmas card to family and friends? Do you still remember those days when an assortment of envelopes of red, green, and gold arrive at your mailbox?

With technological advances, most people have gotten used to sending emails, e-cards, GIFS, and text messages during the holiday season, and this has made many forget the tradition of sending Christmas cards to our loved ones and friends. We need to remind ourselves of the thrill of opening envelopes and reading holiday cheers. Even though the power of the internet allows us to send messages in a split second, nothing beats the excitement of opening a card through regular mail and knowing that it came from someone whom you have not communicated with for quite some time.

That said, why do you need to bring back the tradition of Christmas card giving? Here is a list of reasons you should be sending out cards for the coming holidays.


  1. It revives your connections with long lost family and friends

If you have relatives and friends whom you have not communicated with for a while, then a holiday card will remind them that no matter the distance, they have remained in your thoughts. It is also a thoughtful way to update them with new additions to the family, like a baby or a spouse.


  1. It is more meaningful

In this age of digitalization, you may send a generic Facebook holiday greeting or even just forward a message sent to you in your inbox. This has made the holiday greetings to lose its authenticity. A Christmas card, on the other hand, and a handwritten one, in particular, adds a personal touch and more meaning.


  1. It can last longer

Sharing a status update on your social media account is easy, and a multitude of people in your friends’ list will receive it, but it is fleeting and later will be obsolete. A holiday card is a tangible alternative because it shows that you are willing to allow some time in your busy day to write a few kind words to the recipient.


  1. It is a way to show gratitude

The holidays are usually the time to show how grateful you are for all the good that someone has done in your life. A handwritten holiday card is indeed a moving gesture and a touching way to show your gratitude toward them.


  1. It allows people to display their cards

Holiday cards can also double as a Christmas décor. If your friends love to decorate for Christmas, let your holiday card be part of their holiday adornment. You may create the cards by yourself to add character to your card.


  1. It can always make a person smile.

To receive a holiday card in the mail is such a delightful alternative from always receiving just bills or brochures. You can make someone smile with your warm greetings and funny anecdotes. Do not belittle the timeless magic of making someone smile with a holiday card.


  1. It is a form of generosity

You will never know the impact your holiday card will bring to your recipient. It could be that they are feeling alone and depressed or burdened with responsibilities, and they have no one to celebrate with them. That simple holiday card might remind someone why we celebrate the season – love – and a Christmas card from you is a reminder that they are always loved.


There are so many ways to let someone know they are in your thoughts this holiday season. However, nothing beats the feeling of getting a physical Christmas card. The joy and excitement that comes with opening a holiday card and reading a personalised handwritten message is still an unmatched tradition this holiday season. So, get one for your loved ones today and let them know how special they are to you.

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