Being in a mature relationship can make it harder to plan anniversary celebrations. Now that you and your partner are busy with other responsibilities, such as paying a mortgage or dealing with overtime at work, preparing for special occasions can be quite challenging. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re no longer capable of spicing up your anniversary date.


Celebrating the special day with your partner

Boredom and routine are two factors that you should avoid in a relationship. You should always look forward to new experiences to create more memorable moments together instead of relying on all the years you’ve spent together to keep your bonds healthy. It’s essential to celebrate the significant milestones in a relationship, and your anniversary is a great time to reminisce and show your gratitude to your special someone.

Aside from writing a heartfelt love card for your partner, you can celebrate your special day in unique ways. Here are some ideas you can do:


For when you have the budget to go outside

  1. Take a trip down memory lane: Schedule a day off from work to visit a location that’s memorable to both of you. It can be as simple as having an afternoon away from the city, or a special night in your favourite diner.
  2. Go on a scenic train trip: Take a vacation while heading to your travel destination by booking a beautiful train. It lets you relax right away even before you reach your holiday hotel.
  3. Go backpacking: Adding a bit of adventure into your relationship in healthy doses can give you wonderful memories of the outdoors. Get your fitness levels up while enjoying nature’s beauty in the wild.
  4. Rent a cabin for the weekend: If you’re a fan of the outdoors but want to stay cosy at night, renting a cabin by the woods or a cottage by the sea can be your best option. You can upgrade your camping options by visiting glamp sites near you.


For when you have to stay in the house

  1. Stay in for an extended weekend: Sometimes the best way to relax is by just spending the whole day in bed with the one you love. Start with breakfast in bed, take naps together, and cap off the night with a movie marathon or your favourite flicks.
  2. Create a special playlist: For the audiophiles out there, receiving a playlist from their special someone is both a practical and emotional gift. You can listen to your tunes together while dancing or singing.
  3. Disconnect from social media: Just because you can’t go away for a holiday doesn’t mean you can’t disconnect from your responsibilities. Spend a whole weekend by disconnecting from your social media to help you focus on each other.
  4. Order something special: If you don’t have the time or budget to take a trip around the world, you can treat your taste buds with international cuisine instead. Order special meals throughout the day from your favourite restaurants while staying in the comfort of your home.



It’s a shame that the routine of life can make you forget about the milestones of your life. The best way to remember them is by preparing in advance and relying on a trusty greeting card to make it official for you and your partner.

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