While most expecting couples around the world will merely inform their loved ones through a measly text or email about their pregnancy, we think the news of your special bundle of joy’s arrival needs to be more memorable. You could hold an announcement party, but with the present worldwide situation, it would be better to do it through pregnancy cards. However, what’s so special about handing out announcement letters?

Put simply, the only limit here is your imagination. To help you with that regard, we compiled nine of the best unique ideas to announce your pregnancy:


  1. A la Movie Star

Print small copies of your sonogram and on the back, write only the words “Coming Soon,” and your expected delivery date. Most people will get it, but you’ll have quite a chuckle for the ones who don’t.


  1. Keep it Cryptic

Print the picture of your positive pregnancy test and write nothing else. After that, just be prepared for the number of calls and follow up texts that you’ll be getting from excited family members and friends.


  1. Save The Date

Take a picture of both you and your partner with your birthdays written showing on the shoes’ soles. Then, you can add a smaller pair of shoes in the middle and write your expected delivery date.


  1. That Seat is Taken

Line up a few chairs on your lawn, and have a photo of you and your husband taken with one smaller chair empty. This space will indicate to the view that you’re saying it for your upcoming child.


  1. Boy or Girl?

Take a picture of two tiny shoes made for baby; one for a boy, and one for a girl. Send it out with a caption that says, “Boy or Girl? We’ll find out soon” next to your expected due date.


  1. Liquor Ban

Send an official-looking note with matching letterhead and business letter format that you will not be responding positively to any invitations to go out for drinks for at least nine months, effective immediately. The message that you’ll be retraining yourself from liquor will be an easy one to receive.


  1. Promotion

Take a picture of your husband in business attire and have him a hold a sign that says “Promoted to Father.” If this child is already your second kid, have your elder child pose with a sign that says “Promoted to Big Brother/Sister.”


  1. “P.S.: We’re Pregnant”

Write a generic letter or note as though you’re just trying to catch up. Include some details about work or a new hobby and invite them over for some coffee or lunch. At the bottom of the letter, include a note saying, “P.S.: We’re pregnant.”


  1. Wanted Poster

Create a wanted poster that just has a question mark for a face, and write “Wanted Godparents” and include a handsome reward of gratitude and appreciation.



Your bun in the oven will soon come to this world, and everything will be about them. Take this time to have some fun in telling your friends and family about the good news, and prepare for the onslaught of congratulations and well wishes that’s sure to be coming your way.

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