A Beginner’s Guide on What to Write In a Wedding Card

So, your friends are getting married. While we’re sure that they already know how happy you are for them, you still want to go the extra mile to show them how glad you are that they are about to get married.  Now, there are many ways to do this but one of the most effective ways is by sending them a wedding card.

This is more complicated than it seems as we’re sure that many of you have no idea what to actually put in a wedding card. This is doubly true if you’ve never actually sent a wedding card before. To help you out with this, we thought it would be useful to put together a brief guide on this subject. If this is something that you’re interested in knowing more about, read on for our beginner’s guide on what to write in a wedding card.


When it comes to wedding card etiquette, there is one golden rule: the card message should be specific to the couple and hold personal touches from the pen of the writer. If you’re feeling pressured to write the perfect card, read on. Our easy-to-follow guide to wedding card message etiquette offers samples of good messages for many different occasions as well as tips on how to improve them. Here are a couple of things that you should include in your message:

  • Be sure to congratulate them on their wedding.
  • Wish them well for the life that they’re about to share together.
  • Thank them for inviting you to their wedding.


Wedding Congratulations

Congratulating a happy couple on their union is a great way to start wedding greetings. Whether you’ve been friends with the bride for years and just met the groom, or you grew up with both of them, there is no wrong way to express well wishes. If you need some help getting started, here are a few examples of congratulatory messages.

Some of you may need a little help with this so here are a couple of examples:

  • Congratulations on your wedding!
  • May your marriage be filled with love, joy, and prosperity!
  • May you support each other through life. Wishing you a world of joy and happiness!
  • Warmest congratulations to you both!


Informal Wedding Wishes

The couple is going to enjoy reading their wedding cards which are filled with heartfelt wishes because there aren’t many people who would send a meaningful message that is short and succinct. Just make sure that you build upon your congratulations and say something thoughtful and relevant to the couple so they know you put some thought into your message.



We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you figure out what to write on a wedding card. Now it’s important to remember that this guide isn’t meant to limit what you can and cannot include in a wedding card. We suggest that you use this guide as a starting point if you really don’t know what to include in your wedding card. At the end of the day, wedding cards are personal and can contain whatever message you want to send to the newlywed couple.


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