A wedding anniversary is always an occasion for celebration and reflection. It offers a time to reflect on how far a couple has come since they were married. As a married couple, each anniversary is an opportunity to remind you both of your commitment to one another and to rededicate yourselves to one another.

No matter how you want to commemorate this day, sending your loved one, or your loved couple, an anniversary card should be one of the must-haves of this occasion.

Anniversary cards are more than just a card to say “Happy Anniversary.” Cards are often more meaningful than other greetings because they let the couple or your partner know that you not only remember their anniversary but that you also care about your special relationship.

If you think that writing a greeting card is not for you, you don’t have anything to worry about. It is a pretty simple task that you can ace on your own. If you are having a hard time coming up with a write-up, here are some tips to help you get started.


Use a Quote That Resonates With You

If you cannot find the right words to express your feelings, you can always borrow famous quotes that reflect what you feel. Tell them why that quote reminded you of them. If you indicate where you got the quote, it can become a conversation piece and make this anniversary card more meaningful to your loved one.


Use Photos to Enhance the Message

Make sure to add photos to make the card more exciting. It does not have to be pictures of you and your partner. The most important thing is that the photo sparks your mind and opens up memories that you, as a couple, share. It could act as a good reminder for you to relive your best memories.


Tell a Story That Brought You and Your Partner Together

You do not have to be a writer to make your anniversary card meaningful. Write about how you two met and how you fell in love. Show a few of your vulnerabilities and how spending time with your partner makes you feel.


Show Your Appreciation

Express your appreciation for all the things your partner has done for you. If you are unsure where to start, think back to the first time you met.

You can also include your partner’s qualities that you have liked since then. The most important thing you want them to get from your card is a reminder of how much you love and appreciate them.


Keep It Short and Straightforward

When it comes to writing anniversary cards, keep it short and straightforward. It is not about the number of words that you can write but the sentiment you are trying to convey. If there are other things that you want to say, you can always express that in another medium.

Your anniversary card should be straight to the point. You do not want to sound too formal or too mushy. Try to find the right balance. Express your feelings through the pictures and through the words that you write.


Make It Fun

If you can make your card funny or playful, go for it! Funny or offensive cards really sell it for some couples. Let your sense of humour come out—especially if that’s the trait your partner loves the most.



A wedding anniversary is an occasion that couples should make the most of. It is a time to celebrate your commitment to each other and value the time you’ve spent together. You can do that by making your card the most memorable one.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that the anniversary card you send to your loved ones will be memorable for them. It will show how you feel about your relationship and your special one.

Giving a personalised and thoughtful card shows how much you care. It will make this anniversary something to look forward to. If you do not want to be too formal, you can explore these offensive anniversary cards we have at You Said It. We also have several fun designs you can send for every occasion.