They say people’s etiquette is slowly fading away. Gone is the concept of sending handwritten “thank you” notes which most people think are either too intimidating or quite passe. Those who think it intimidating fear that they need to nail the wording down for it to be right. But the truth is, something that’s written sincerely is all that’s needed to show your appreciation. And in any case, an imperfectly written thank you letter that comes from the heart is still so much better than not sending one at all.

You Said It, your best source for funny cards, shares a quick guide to “Thank You” notes:


When to Send “Thank You” Notes

You might be wondering when it’s appropriate to send notes that show your gratitude. Before that, though, you must know that when you’re making “thank you” notes, they should be sent out as soon as possible. They should also be specific. For instance, if someone gifted your baby boy with a blue rattle, you can write, “Thank you for the cute blue rattle! My little boy will have hours of fun with it!” These sort of “thank you” notes can be written on informal writing paper. The only instance you’ll need formal stationery is for when writing notes for a wedding.


Now, here are the situations that require thank you notes:

  • For receiving wedding gifts
  • For getting sympathy flowers or cards
  • For hosting a party for you or your family
  • For bridal and baby shower presents
  • For gifts that you received by mail
  • For being invited to a social event by a boss
  • For gift baskets and flowers received during a hospital stay
  • For being accepted as a houseguest for a night or more
  • For getting congratulatory presents


You don’t need to send thank you notes for these instances, but you still may, if you wish:

  • For being a guest at a dinner party
  • For accommodating you in a job interview
  • For birthday presents you’ve already opened (and thanked the giver for)
  • For when friends helped you out with errands or babysitting
  • For when colleagues helped you out with something work-related


How to Address the Cards

Thank you notes should always be addressed to the person who signed your gift card, or in the case of presents from families, it could be addressed to the spouses. In the salutation, you can use the first names of the spouses then extend your gratitude to other members of the family in the body of the note.

How formal you need to be on the note depends on the kind and level of relationship you are with the person you are sending it to. For instance, to say thank you to friends who have been your closest buddies since preschool for taking care of you when you were sick, sending rude thank you cards can be deemed funny. It’s because you’re on that level where they get your humour and know what the cards truly mean. That won’t work with a boss or a new acquaintance, though, nor would your distant aunt appreciate it!

If the recipient is someone who’s not really in your inner circle, it’s safe to use a more formal tone.



Sending “thank you” cards is never out of style. It shows that you have etiquette. But more than that, it shows that you appreciate the thoughtfulness of people who gifted you or exerted effort to help you out in certain situations.

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