Advice for Writing Congratulations for Someone’s Promotion

Having an acquaintance, close friend, family member, or life partner get a work promotion can be incredibly exciting to hear. Many often wish to express their joy and congratulate their loved ones but often find it hard to find the right words.

What’s actually appropriate? If you’re coworkers, do you still have to wish them luck for the promotion? What words should you even really put into a congratulatory message for someone promoted at work? If you want to learn the answers to these questions along with extra tips on how to write out your congratulations, here’s a few pieces of advice on how to approach it.


Assess Your Relationship

As mentioned above, almost anyone in your life may get a special promotion at their workplace. Saying congratulations can be such a blanket statement, which is why many are eager about personalising their message for the special people in their lives.

How you make it personable should depend on how close you are to the message recipient. If there are a couple of inside jokes between you two, throw them in the message when it seems appropriate. If it’s a fellow work colleague, it might be best to stick to a more professional tone.


Put in Some Words of Praise

If you’re struggling to find the right words, remember that the gist of a congratulatory message is to acknowledge one’s hard work and success in bagging a new work position. Don’t be afraid to add some phrases of praise to uplift them.

Saying “Good job on working really hard”, “I know you’ll do a great job with your new role”, or simply writing “Congratulations, you deserve the promotion” can be enough to warm their hearts. You never know who needs the confidence boost!


Be Genuine and Avoid Negativity

Proofread your message carefully to make sure that you’re genuine with your words. Too much flattery, especially when exaggerated, can often make the other person feel much more conscious of themselves. You don’t want the receiver to misread it as sarcasm, either.

Another thing is to just omit any negative statements that you might have written out. Any text about the potential work problems in their new role or asking for help in getting your own promotion should just be removed.


Let a Card Do It for You

Lastly, if all else fails and you’re just unsure about how you want to write a congratulatory message to someone in your life, just buy a card that does it for you. There are greeting cards that were made specifically for congratulating someone’s promotion, so send that instead.

Signing and giving a funny or rude card is also sure to get a good chuckle out of them. If you’re close enough, perhaps you can send them a card with the jokes “New job wanker” or “Congrats on the new job, I hope you hate it” as you bid them goodbye from their current role.



Reading this guide should hopefully help you come up with a good way to offer your best wishes to someone. Once you’ve finally written or signed your congratulations, be sure to send it out as soon as possible. It can be a tad awkward to send it a month after the promotion has gone by, after all!

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