Receiving a mug isn’t that exciting unless, of course, your life’s goal is to collect them. You know that nothing can replace one favourite cup, and the best mug will only be stuck on cupboards forgotten. Considering this, you might be worried about how your gift will be appreciated, thinking the person receiving it might already have hundreds of mugs.


Here are some tips that could help you get creative with your mug gifts:

1.    You Can Combine Your Mug With Another Gift

You can combine it with lots of things your creative mind thinks of. You can make it as a holder for items on your gift. You can also consider the things that a person likes the most.


Here are some things you can put inside your mugs to be included in your gift:


  • Ballpens – whether in the office or at home, someone will surely appreciate a trusty pen. You can be creative in choosing various colours and types for the pen you’ll add to the package.


  • Chocolates and treats – If your person loves treats and more sweet things in their life, you can fill your mug with lots of chocolates and treats. They can put them on the counter in the kitchen at home or at the table in their office.


  • Go-to-office Kits – You can include other things such as hand sanitisers that could fit in your mug or headphones, which your office mates can use while working. Or coffee sachets, where your officemate can use for his 4th cup in the morning.


Note: if the person is having a hard time at the moment, you can fill your mug with positive and affirming notes. You can fold them to whatever design you like – stars or hearts. Who knows? Your words might just be the thing to brighten their day.

2.    You Can Combine Your Mug With a Card

Isn’t it sweet to include a card for your gift? But if you find wholesome cards cringe, there are a lot of creative, funny cards and, well, if you like, some rude cards. You can even put in your card some inside jokes you and your officemates only know.

3.    You Can Incorporate a Cake Into Your Mug

This might be a little bizarre, but you can put some dry microwaveable cake ingredients on your mug. Or you can also incorporate a cake but be careful about how you wrap them up. You don’t want your ingredients to spill or your cake destroyed.


  1. You Can Give Them a Plant in a Mug

If the person you will give a gift to loves plants or is starting to add plants into their life without those big pots, you can provide the plants in the mug. They can put them on shelves or tables. A cactus in a cup is cute to be part of the table plus lifts the mood in the office or at home.


We all want our gifts to be remembered and considered unique. The gifts you give to the person reflect their importance in your life and how much you think of them as you choose the gifts. Surely, you also want to know when a person gives you a gift.

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