When it comes to greeting cards, which do you prefer—paper or virtual ones? Despite modern technology and the convenience the internet brings, paper is still the most preferred form of greeting cards. It’s easy to think that paper greeting cards have fallen on the wayside as we live in a time when it’s easy to send a greeting via text, email, chat and other methods of online communication today. Still, there is something about paper greeting cards that makes the experience more worthwhile, for both the sender and the receiver.


Greeting Cards Remain Undefeated

The rise of digital platforms made a lot of people think that there will be more e-cards flying in and out of cyberspaces and eventually, replace physical greeting cards altogether. However, that didn’t happen, and it likely won’t happen in the near future, too.

People continue to buy and send physical cards, which have increased sales significantly. The emotional connection that physical greeting cards bring remains unmatchable, even with the convenience of the e-card. Most greeting card companies that sell physical greeting cards continue to see growth in sales every year.


Young People and Greeting Cards

You will be surprised that many young people buy more physical cards today, particularly Gen Z. In fact, Gen Z-ers buy more greeting cards than other age groups today. One possible reason behind this is the popularity of “no occasion” cards that provide support or offer emotional help. You can now find a lot of cards that carry random messages, and you can find cards that are almost always apt for any life situation!


Digital Printing

Despite the continuous growth of physical greeting cards, they need to adopt digital technology at some point. With that, digital printing becomes a welcome change in the greeting card industry. Digital printing has given companies a chance to be more creative to deliver more choices to customers.


Nothing Beats Physical Greeting Cards

So, if you thought physical greeting cards are a thing of the past, think again. Physical greeting cards continue to survive and remain popular even amid modern technology and continuous digital transformations. The personal, emotional connection it brings is truly unbeatable, which resonates more with customers today.

Now that we are bombarded with so many things on the internet, along with the convenience it brings, sending a physical greeting card requires more effort that calls for more appreciation and genuineness. Therefore, if you want to send a greeting card to someone special, a physical one will go a long way.


Get Your Paper Greeting Cards Today

It’s not difficult to find companies that sell paper greeting cards. You can even shop them online. With that, you won’t have a hard time finding a greeting card you can send to someone, and you can do it from the comforts of your own home. All you need to do is find a greeting card company that offers a wide range of choices of greeting cards for all kinds of occasions.

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