If you’re single, chances are holidays such as Christmas can be quite difficult for you. Especially if you live alone and you have to celebrate such occasions all by yourself. You’ll feel lonely and neglected unless you have your family, friends, or office mates to celebrate with, in which case you can rise above your feelings.

But what’s with all the fuss? The thing is, you have every reason to celebrate. Your marital status shouldn’t be an issue at all. Why don’t you get some holiday cards and give them out to people? This is a great way to spread love and positivist on special occasions. Sure, holiday cards may remind you that you’re single while everyone else is engaged, happily married, or in the family way. But you can take advantage of your single status by using it in your Christmas cards.

If you’re wondering how you can do so, here are five Christmas card ideas for single that will hopefully make your holidays less lonely:


Funny Family Shot

Why not pose for a funny shot with your family and use it in your holiday cards? This can be absolutely funny. You can pose with your family members and their partners. Make yourself conspicuous by being the only one without a partner in the picture. Stand up and be proud of your single self. Not everyone has the courage and strength to live independently. Expect everyone to laugh out loud when you hand out these cards.


Single Lady Celebration

Another creative card idea is to send holiday cards to all the single ladies you know. You may include heartwarming or witty lines in your holiday cards such as, “You aren’t alone as long as I’m with you.” The card itself can be pretty funny and memorable, and so is the celebration for all the single ladies on Christmas day.


An announcement

Chances are you love someone, but you guys aren’t meant to be. You’ve always felt something for this person, but there’s no way you guys can be a couple, much less end up tying the knot. So how do you go about using this person in your holiday cards? Send out a special holiday card featuring photos of you and the person you love. Shout it from the rooftops. Declare your feelings to the rest of the world like you don’t care.


Send Yourself a Card

This one can be tricky. You can take photos of different versions of yourself. If you’re good at photoshop, you can edit these photos to make it seem as if you’re posing with yourself. It’s as if you have people to share your life with. Then go ahead and write something like “This holiday card is from me, myself, and I!” That can be outrageously funny!


Meowy Christmas and Yappy New Year!

Finally, you can create holiday cards showing photos of you and your pets. Yes, if you have a cat or a dog, you can pose with them. Send the message that you aren’t really alone because you have your pets with you. Then write “A Meowy Christmas and a Yappy New Year” on your holiday cards. That’ll look absolutely amazing!

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