Sending a birthday greeting to friends and family has been a human tradition since time immemorial. Elementary school children spend a lot of time in art classes making greeting cards for parents, teachers, friends, and family.

In the age of social media, the birthday card tradition has somewhat gone by the wayside, and online greetings have taken their place. Sending a birthday message on Facebook is undoubtedly easier, but there is still value in sending someone a physical card to commemorate a special event. A handwritten note can express your sentiments much better than a digitally sent message.

A personalized, physical birthday card shows your recipient that you have spent time and effort to go out and purchase something they will like. A birthday card from a loved one can transcend time, something tangible you can keep over the next several years and decades.


Birthday Cards: A History

The history of greeting cards can be traced back to the Ancient Chinese. They sent goodwill messages to each other during the Lunar New Year. The early Egyptians also used papyrus scrolls to send greetings to their friends and loved ones. In the 1400s, handmade greeting cards had developed in Europe, and in the 1800s, Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards become popular and much more affordable.

Advancements in printing led to the appearance of mass-produced cards in Britain in the 19th century. Greeting Card Industry was established in 1941, and today, birthday cards account for 60% of all greeting cards sold and bought worldwide.

Greeting card companies contract in-house market research for their target audience. They learn all about a consumer’s wants, needs, and pain points regarding buying and receiving cards. For example, market research over the decades has led to the prevalence of cards that acknowledge stepsiblings and single parents. Designers, illustrators, and writers are then contracted to provide art and messaging.


Birthday Cards: A Continuing Tradition

Today, the art of the birthday card persists. Even with smartphones, instant messaging, and social media, sending and receiving cards through snail mail is still a valuable communication method. There is still nothing more heart warming than reaching into your mailbox and finding a handwritten card.

Taking the time to express yourself in such a meaningful and straightforward way leaves a more significant impact on your recipient. Sending a birthday card creates and maintains a deep bond between you and your loved one. An authentic touch will be appreciated no matter what their age or personal taste.

Physical birthday cards still have their place in this digital world, especially when “retro” is an emerging trend. Other analogue objects such as film cameras and fountain pens are finding a second wind as aesthetic items for younger generations. Calligraphy and paper art are also very popular hobbies that can help revive the art of sending handwritten messages.



If your loved one’s birthday is coming up, you can express your affection through a carefully chosen card along with a personalized message. It’s an excellent vehicle to show them your love in a more meaningful way than a simple message online. Birthday cards are a physical reminder of your deep relationship, and your recipient will be able to keep them for a very long time.

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