The holidays are fast approaching, and there’s one tradition you should not miss—sending out Christmas cards! There’s nothing better than handwritten notes and quirky greeting cards to make people feel like you remember them, so make sure you don’t miss it this year, especially over the roller-coaster year that most people faced.

Whether you have been sending Christmas cards for years or you just want to try it out, there are a few best practices that can ease out the job for you. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best tips in Christmas card etiquette.

Sending greeting cards out during the holidays is an age-old tradition. The first batch of such cards was produced commercially way back in 1843 by Englishman Sir Henry Cole. In today’s day and age, despite the rise of e-cards and digital greetings, millions of holiday cards are still mailed globally.

It’s a given that families, loved ones and friends alike are all part of the great exchange. A lesser-known fact is that businesses also take advantage of this in order to give valued customers, investors and vendors a year-end token of gratitude. This is ideal for businesses to refresh themselves, especially when the recipient has not interacted with the business in a while.

Needless to say, it can’t just be any card. Holiday greeting cards have to be able to hit all the right marks. Branding, design and messaging are just as important as creative elements that will help it stand out.

Here’s what you should know about creating wonderful holiday cards to send customers, investors and vendors:

The holiday season has come, and with it, all the hustle and bustle associated. Shopping centres are chock-full of patrons looking for holiday deals, online shopping is as big a part of your day as lunch, and paper cuts from all the gift wrapping are abundant. However, you might find that all of this is worth it, especially since it is the season of giving.

What better way to remind your loved ones of how much they matter to you than including a rude greeting card with your presents? In these difficult times where we must socially distance from one another, a rude greeting card with a handwritten message might be the perfect way to get a chuckle out of someone you care about.

If you aren’t a regular card giver, it might be challenging to know where to start with a handwritten note. After all, this age of texting and instant messaging has made the art of writing letters all but obsolete. As such, we have created this guide to help you write the best and most effective greetings, even if they are written alongside a rude greeting card.

With the holiday season right around the corner, you may be pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to buy your friends and family. If you’re still stumped, we highly recommend purchasing them Christmas cards! While it won’t match up to the value of a brand new smartphone, what it does carry with it is the fact that you’ve spent the time to think about the individual and put effort into wishing them a wonderful Christmas. This, for some people, is a priceless gift!

That said, if you are wondering who exactly you can purchase Christmas cards for, here are some people you can consider.

For any British native, this time of year can only mean one thing above all else: It’s time to celebrate the Christmas holidays! If you were to ask anyone what their favourite time of year would be, they’d probably tell you about how much they love celebrating Christmas with all their heart.

Although England may be divided on some things like politics, football, cricket, and boxing, there’s no doubt that the magic of the 25th of December is something that all British people can agree on. In fact, you’re probably already excited about all the gifts that you’ll get to give, the food you’ll eat, and all the hot cocoa and eggnog you’ll drink!

While it may be safe to say that the holiday season is one of the most sensational parts of the year, there’s one tradition that you might not be looking forward to as much as everything else: Sending out Christmas cards.

Giving and sending Christmas cards sounds like a bit of an outdated thing to do in a world of instant messaging and social media. You might even remember the days of ecards that were sent via email. After all, why go through sending a physical card through the post when it’s so convenient to send your holiday greetings online?

Although there may not appear to be any practical sense in it, the sentimental value is different when you receive a card. It’s tangible proof that someone took time out of their day to pick one out, write in it, and mail it to you. If that doesn’t show that they care for you, especially during the holidays, then what will?

Sending cards out to your loved ones will make their Christmas a little brighter. While it’s quite straightforward, there’s still some etiquette you should follow when writing and sending your cards to make sure they are well-received.

Christmas greeting cards have always been a huge part of the holidays, but the digital scene continues to push the concept of handwritten letters in favour of digital messages. Despite the circumstances, however, most people still continue to keep traditions alive. The weeks leading up to Christmas usually have postal services working overtime, especially since there’s always an increase in mail demand due to such cards.

Greeting cards continue to be available in numerous boutiques for those who wish to continue the tradition, while others resort to more creative ways like designing their own. The boom of the digital age may perhaps be upon us, but there’s something magical and warm about receiving Christmas cards—quite like a hug enclosed in stamps and envelopes.

If you’re one of the few looking to revive Christmas traditions, Christmas card giving is one of the best and simplest forms of celebrating the holiday cheer. Here’s why:

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. You want to show your appreciation to as many colleagues, friends, and family members as possible, but it can be very challenging to find meaningful gifts that won’t wipe out your year-end bonus. What complicates the search is the fact that you don’t want to give gifts for the sake of the occasion, but rather you want the item to be something they will appreciate.

If you think about the presents you receive each year, the most memorable ones aren’t the most expensive or elaborate. Instead, the ones that stand out are the simple items that the sender put a little more thought and effort into. When you want to be practical but sentimental at the same time, a coffee mug ticks all the right boxes.

This upcoming holiday season, if you want to give out more than just funny Christmas cards, gift your loved ones with a coffee mug instead. With a mug, you won’t have to worry if the size fits the recipient. It’s a non-perishable gift unlike chocolates or candy, so you can give it as early as you like or wait till the last possible minute.

If you want to avoid the hassle of going from store to store picking out a unique gift for each person, here are several reasons why coffee mugs are the better choice: