Giving and sending Christmas cards sounds like a bit of an outdated thing to do in a world of instant messaging and social media. You might even remember the days of ecards that were sent via email. After all, why go through sending a physical card through the post when it’s so convenient to send your holiday greetings online?

Although there may not appear to be any practical sense in it, the sentimental value is different when you receive a card. It’s tangible proof that someone took time out of their day to pick one out, write in it, and mail it to you. If that doesn’t show that they care for you, especially during the holidays, then what will?

Sending cards out to your loved ones will make their Christmas a little brighter. While it’s quite straightforward, there’s still some etiquette you should follow when writing and sending your cards to make sure they are well-received.

Christmas greeting cards have always been a huge part of the holidays, but the digital scene continues to push the concept of handwritten letters in favour of digital messages. Despite the circumstances, however, most people still continue to keep traditions alive. The weeks leading up to Christmas usually have postal services working overtime, especially since there’s always an increase in mail demand due to such cards.

Greeting cards continue to be available in numerous boutiques for those who wish to continue the tradition, while others resort to more creative ways like designing their own. The boom of the digital age may perhaps be upon us, but there’s something magical and warm about receiving Christmas cards—quite like a hug enclosed in stamps and envelopes.

If you’re one of the few looking to revive Christmas traditions, Christmas card giving is one of the best and simplest forms of celebrating the holiday cheer. Here’s why:

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. You want to show your appreciation to as many colleagues, friends, and family members as possible, but it can be very challenging to find meaningful gifts that won’t wipe out your year-end bonus. What complicates the search is the fact that you don’t want to give gifts for the sake of the occasion, but rather you want the item to be something they will appreciate.

If you think about the presents you receive each year, the most memorable ones aren’t the most expensive or elaborate. Instead, the ones that stand out are the simple items that the sender put a little more thought and effort into. When you want to be practical but sentimental at the same time, a coffee mug ticks all the right boxes.

This upcoming holiday season, if you want to give out more than just funny Christmas cards, gift your loved ones with a coffee mug instead. With a mug, you won’t have to worry if the size fits the recipient. It’s a non-perishable gift unlike chocolates or candy, so you can give it as early as you like or wait till the last possible minute.

If you want to avoid the hassle of going from store to store picking out a unique gift for each person, here are several reasons why coffee mugs are the better choice:

This year’s Christmas season will look very different from previous years. As the world continues to battle a pandemic, people will be limiting their gatherings and cancelling their annual travel plans to visit relatives and friends. The festive season will undoubtedly be underscored by a grim reality that not all of us will have a reason to celebrate.

Despite these challenging times, it is still possible to continue some traditions and perhaps start new ones. In any year, we would be greeting one via text messages or casual social media posts. We probably hardly put thought into how and when we greeted our friends and loved ones because seeing them in person over the holidays was always a possibility.

Now that we know how precious time together can be, this year might be the perfect reason to send out specialised greeting cards to the people in our lives. A greeting card is a tangible, thoughtful gift that can help bridge our socially-distanced gaps this Christmas season. Here are the five people you might want to show your love and appreciation to this year by way of a Christmas card:

Christmas is the season of the year that you and your colleagues are probably looking forward to. It’s finally time not only to take a much-needed break but also to dress down and toast to a year of hard work. You and your team may have spent the better part of the previous months knocking out reports, managing clients, and trying to beat your sales targets. The upcoming holidays are the perfect opportunity to let loose and celebrate.

While everyone may be ready to party, not everyone enjoys the task of planning the office Christmas party. If you were tagged to come up with fun and festive ideas for this year’s celebration, here are some that you might want to consider:

Christmas cards were once a go-to gift people often send to distant relatives, hang by the staircase along with the socks for Santa to fill with candy, or give to office mates during the holiday parties. Giving greeting cards is a simple yet satisfying way of spreading the holiday cheer, especially when it comes to sharing positive vibes between friends, workmates, and family.

While Christmas cards still earn a genuine smile, it’s easy to look over the generic words and well wishes you often see. Generic greetings like “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”, “Wishing You a Wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays”, “Happy Christmas”, “Merry Christmas with lots of Love”, and other common phrases are often ignored.

These words feel empty, and more often than not, Christmas cards are given as an envelope for money. If you’re looking to add more pizzazz and a personal touch to your greeting cards, why not spice it up by adding quirky, funny, rude, and unique notes as your Christmas wish?

Sending GIFS of holiday greetings became the de facto means of spreading holiday cheers with friends and family. While it isn’t a wrong way to celebrate the season, you can spruce up your simple gift by sticking to tradition: holiday cards!

Seeing as it the most wonderful time of the year is just a few months away, you can turn weariness into merriness with a dash of Christmas cards to put a smile on your friends, co-workers, and family’s faces. To maximise the enjoyment of receiving and giving these holiday cards, we’ve come up with creative ways to display it around your house to add to your holiday decorations.

It’s easy to accumulate a ton of greeting cards during Christmas over the course of many years. Whether they came with gifts or they were standalone notes, you often have no idea what to do with them afterwards. You may feel the need to throw them away because they only take up most of your storage spaces. However, instead of discarding them, here are five ways to reuse greeting cards as decorations.

Handmade Christmas cards are among the most personalised, heartfelt, and creative items that you could give somebody during this special season. Whether you are making cards to sell or to give to your family members and friends, don’t take for granted the space on the back of the card.

Here are some ideas for decorating the back of your handmade Christmas card and making it fit for the festive season!

When was the last time you sent a personalised Christmas card to family and friends? Do you still remember those days when an assortment of envelopes of red, green, and gold arrive at your mailbox?

With technological advances, most people have gotten used to sending emails, e-cards, GIFS, and text messages during the holiday season, and this has made many forget the tradition of sending Christmas cards to our loved ones and friends. We need to remind ourselves of the thrill of opening envelopes and reading holiday cheers. Even though the power of the internet allows us to send messages in a split second, nothing beats the excitement of opening a card through regular mail and knowing that it came from someone whom you have not communicated with for quite some time.