Technological advancements have introduced new ways to communicate quickly and conveniently. However, reaching out to your loved ones through email, text message, or social media doesn’t always cut it. If you want to express how much you love and care for your friends and family in a more heartfelt way, put your thoughts and feelings on paper with a greeting card!

It’s easy to feel intimidated by the idea of sending handwritten cards. You may feel awkward because doing so can seem too formal. But have you ever been disappointed to receive a card? Chances are that you haven’t!

There’s no reason your recipient won’t appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Here are some reasons why you should send greeting cards in this digital era:

At a time where instant messaging has taken over mailing letters, shopping for greeting cards and writing letters have become a lost art. In replacement to the charming, quintessential holiday cards come the rise of ecards, which are a fast, convenient alternative that can easily be customised and sent within a single click of a button. Ecards are now the way of the future, but that doesn’t always mean it’s better.