Fathers: The figures who have been pivotal or influential in our journeys. On top of that, they are the ones who dedicate their all to making sure that we grow up right.

Although both parents play equally-important roles in our lives from the moment we come into the world, fathers tend to be under-appreciated because of the role they take. As opposed to the mothers who smother us with love and affection to make sure that we know they cherish us, fathers tend to take a more stoic and less verbal approach.

Yet, it’s our duty as our parents’ children to show that we love our fathers even if they will buy us a drink or feed us rather than muster up the manly courage to say “I love you.” No matter how old you may be, how many children you have, or what you’re doing in life, it’s always a good idea to show your dad you love him, even if the lockdowns make it harder to do so.