Before the pandemic, seeing your friends and family was a normal thing to do. No one hesitated to hang out, share meals, and or attend parties of people they cared about. These days, spending time together is almost always unheard of.

While we have to live with this grim reality for a little bit longer, perhaps current circumstances will cause us to be more thoughtful and deliberate about the messages we send. Even before 2020, birthday greetings and well wishes were often reduced to one-liner text messages or posts on Twitter feeds. Sometimes greetings were so simple, you only mustered enough effort to send a GIF or a stock image.

While there are many ways to help you build a personal relationship with your business partners, one of the best ways you can go about this is to send them a greeting card. Sure, we can all agree that a card can be cold at times, especially the ones that just have generic greetings like “Merry Christmas!” and nothing more.

However, the reason why this method is unpopular is because most of these cards are not personalised, and that is exactly what you’re going to change for your business greeting cards!. Customised business cards are not only effective in building a positive relationship with your partners, clients, and more, but they’re also great for a number of other reasons, such as:

One of the best tools employed by successful firms and companies to retain dedicated clients and customers is personification. Personification is a powerful asset that has helped countless companies to come off as sincere when trying to reach out to customers, something especially important as today’s customers tend to be sceptical with anything that a “faceless corporation” says.


The psychology behind personification

Using personification has helped with growing meaningful partnerships and customer loyalty in a way that no other communication strategy or tool with the impression can achieve.